Disney+: Amazing Amanda Seyfried in “The Dropout” mini-series!

Amanda Seyfried appeared on Disney+. Moreover, thanks to her role in The Dropout, the actress did not go unnoticed.

Once again, Disney+ offers a new series. Indeed, The Cropout has appeared. Moreover, Amanda Seyfried caused a sensation there. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Disney+ bets on series

Lately, Disney + seems to be putting the dishes in the big ones. And that’s why, the platform preferred to bet on the series. Indeed, the online streaming giant has decided to renew itself. To the delight of its subscribers therefore.

Thereby, the Parrallèles series has arrived. And yes, Disney + subscribers were able to immerse themselves in a crazy story. Between paranormal phenomena, suspense but also a story of the heart, the French series leaves nothing to chance. In short, impossible to get bored watching the episodes.

Besides, viewers seem to want more. And yes, they are keen to discover new episodes. It must be said that the end of season 1 leaves them hungry. But to date, the online streaming giant has not yet confirmed the arrival of a season 2.

While waiting to learn more about Parrallèles, subscribers were able to discover Moon Knight. And yes, after a mouth-watering teaser, the new series has landed on Disney+. Something to delight fans of the Marvel universe.

But that’s not all. Since this Wednesday, April 20, a new series has landed. And yes, The Dropout is now available. Besides, Amanda Seyfried is there and leaves no one indifferent. MCE TV tells you more!

Amanda Seyfried is a hit in The Dropout

On the series side, Disney + goes all out. Moreover, the series The Dropout has just arrived on the platform. And yes, the subscribers of the latter will therefore be able to immerse themselves in the crazy story of the woman who fooled america.

Indeed, the story begins when Elizabeth Holmes decides to drop her studies at Stanford University. She then founded Therenos, a start-up which aims to revolutionize medicine. And for good reason, it offers blood tests without needles.

In a very short time, the young woman gets spotted by Silicon Valley who decides to make it an icon. Investors rush in and make her a real billionaire. And yet, this innovation will never work. This is actually a multi-million dollar fraud.

To interpret the role of the famous scammer, Disney+ chose Amanda Seyfried. Moreover, the latter confided in TF1 Info. She then said of the series: “It’s like the story of an underdog. You want to see him succeed, especially if it’s a woman like Elizabeth Holmes, very charismatic, passionate, intelligent, impatient and good at talking to people. »

To prepare for the role, the actress decided to watch archive footage over and over again. So she explained: “When you do that, you end up absorbing each other’s gestures. Elizabeth has a very specific gesture, some gestures were natural and others very deliberate. »

Before continuing: “You also had to show her when she wasn’t so confident, before she became a leader. I was inspired by the teenager that I was at 13 years old. I held myself badly, I felt like no one wanted to listen to me. »

One thing is certain, the Disney + series has not finished talking. To be continued.


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