Disaster Girl: the girl from the famous meme pockets € 415,000 by selling her photo at auction

Almost everyone has seen this internet meme. The photo of a little girl with a slight smirk, taken in front of a burning house, as if she was the cause of the disaster. Nicknamed “Disaster Girl”, the student has just put her meme up for auction. She will have pocketed $ 500,000, an amount that will allow her to repay her student loan.

Disaster Girl
Disaster Girl. Image Dave Roth

Good news for Zoé Roth, the little girl pictured on the famous Internet meme Disaster Girl. The 21-year-old student decided to sell the rights of his meme as a non-fungible token. The bids will still go up to $ 500,000, i.e. 415 000 euros about. A news that comes the day after the death of El Risitas, the man with the famous giggles who became an essential meme.

Disaster Girl, this Internet meme that has become famous auctioned

The photograph of the young girl in front of the burning house had been taken by Dave Roth in January 2005. Contrary to what one might think, the house on fire is not that of the young girl. It was a local fire department training, located two blocks from his, in Mebane, North Carolina. Watching the fire, Dave caught the moment when his daughter, Zoe, smiles devilishly to the camera as the house catches fire in the back.

On November 29, 2007, Roth submitted the image to JPG Magazine for a contest called Emotion Capture. The photo was selected for publication in the February and March 2008 print edition of the magazine. From there, the image has gone viral. She will have been recovery and diversion hundreds of thousands of times on the Internet, always with Zoé Roth smiling in front of an improbable scene in the background.

This famous cliché will now be protected by a certificate of authenticity and will be stored through a secure service. After selling the image rights for $ 500,000, Zoe claimed she would use some of the money to pay off her student loan. She also wants to share her earnings with her own family and help several charities. In addition, Zoé will receive 10% commission in the event of resale of the image.



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