Diogo Jota leaves FIFA 22 tournament to play in Premier League

During a tournament on FIFA 22, Portugal international Diogo Jota had to leave in a hurry in order to go to a Premier League match against Southampton.

If you are a fan of football and / or FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, then you certainly know Liverpool striker Diogo Jota.

This Portuguese international who is an important figure in the English league is also very well known to FIFA players because of his performance on the game.

Indeed, the 24-year-old striker is a very big fan of Ultimate Team mode. In the past, he has notably finished FUT Champions weekends 30-0.

And recently, during a tournament in which he managed to climb until the fourth round, the Liverpool player had to forfeit the French player Lyamooo because of the Premier League game he was due to play. a few hours later.

Lyamooo, his opponent, who won a free victory, therefore wished him good luck for his real football match.

And after thanking him, Diogo Jota went to Anfield to play his match against Southampton in which not only did he score two goals in the first half, but after his first goal, the latter launched a dedicated celebration. to all FIFA players.

Just two minutes after the match kick-off, Diogo Jota took a seat in front of the crowd and celebrated as if playing the match at home with his controller.

This celebration directly reacted to the FIFA community who asked the developers to add it to the game.


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