Diane Leyre: why she refused to go to Beyoncé’s concert in Dubai?

This Monday, January 23, 2023, Diane Leyre confided in the reasons which led her to say no to the Beyoncé concert.

This weekend, Beyoncé was in Dubai for an extraordinary concert. A concert which Diane Leyre did not wish to attend for an astonishing reason. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Diane Leyre on all fronts

Elected Miss France 2022, Diane Leyre has not been idle during her year of reign. Unfortunately, the dream ended last December after the Miss France 2023 elections. It is with a lot of emotions that the pretty brunette was therefore obliged to put her crown back, but also to return the apartment of the committee.

Back to normal life, Diane Leyre still has countless projects. In addition to the adoption of a brand new ball of fur, the young woman also evolves on the airwaves of Virgin Radio alongside Guillaume Genton.

Eh yes ! The star gets up at dawn for “Le Morning Sans Filtre”. A show she loves. But while listeners are won over by the voice of the beauty queen, they would also have liked to see her on the small screen. Especially in “Do not touch my post”.

Unfortunately, this is not at all something that Diane Leyre wants. On the contrary… “People often ask me this question. No, no, it’s not at all the logical sequence. TPMP is a program that I find very interesting, which hits. »

“The numbers are impressive, but I wouldn’t see myself in the exercise at all because actually I don’t think I’ll be good at it! (…) You have to be very responsive, short and efficient. I don’t think I would be able to impose myself, there are too many heads around, and I would have too much trouble finding my place. »

“Especially since there is already a Miss France with the presence of Delphine Wespiser, so no, my place is not there”, confided Diane Leyre at the microphone of Radio Monaco. MCE TV tells you more!

No Beyoncé concert for the former Miss

You will therefore have understood that Diane Leyre is a very busy woman. This Monday, January 23, 2023, she was also back in shape at the microphone of Virgin Radio.

An opportunity for her to talk about the concert of Beyoncé in Dubai which she did did not want to attend. However, Miss France 2022 was indeed invited to the event.

In fact, countless celebrities have traveled to the Royal Atlantis to see Queen B sway on stage. Among them, Iris Mittenaere, but also Nabilla or even Kendall Jenner.

All the gratin was present to applaud the wife of Jay-Z. On his side, Diane Leyre preferred to stay in Paris. And this, for a very simple reason: Ecology.

Anyway, that’s whatshe confided this morning on the airwaves. “I refused, in particular because of the time difference with the radio, but also for the ecological balance. I find going from Friday to Sunday was hot. From Paris, it was a long way”she explained.

Words that obviously did not convince Internet users who were numerous to criticize her. Uncool !


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