“DFY Links” Service Shatters Google Rankings, Took Domain from Page 4 to 1


If you are earning money from Google search, it’s time to ‘get in or lay down.’   For years, people have struggled with news outreach, trying to build meaningful backlinks from other high authorities in their niche.  It’s been a hard long process for most because no one wants competition. Those days are over now however. Internet guru Charles Floate launched backlink building service, DFYLinks.com & it may shatter Google search rankings.

Perhaps your website’s been holding out in a top 3 position for the last 365 days, but it could change soon.   DFY aka Done-For-you Links is offering backlinks from niche edit, PBNs, and guest posts.

What is a Backlink

Some of these links offered are alleged to have have domain authority scores up to 94.  This means masterful disaster if your website is not linked to from majors like CNN, Forbes, or TMZ.

Still not a believer? In an old forum post on BuilderSociety.com, a user boasts about the search engine rankings increase they got after using the DFY Links services.      Competing in a niche where the money keyword was 20K+ searches per month,  the user claims to have went from page 4 of google search to page 1 in a short period. Not only this, other keywords also rose to front page, surely giving an increase in sales & traffic.

If this same formula was applied to various blogs, it could mean a huge shift in Google serps.   Those unaware of the new service could lose their high rankings to upstart brands that luck up and take advantage of the service today.  Ranking for a simple term like ‘smartwatch’ or ‘medical marijuana’ could yield incredible gains for a new business and shift thousands of dollars of income within 60 days.

Learning how to build backlinks is the only way to get a website to rank in search.  Though many say ‘page authority’ or ‘domain authority’ mean anything in 2019, actual results reveal different. In various web forums that discuss internet business & ecomm, users have confirmed the higher the authority, the bigger the results.

DFY Links does not offer discounts.  It does offer fair prices according to various reports. Certain links from site with a Domain Authority rating of 93+, have sold for $150 or less in the past.

If not aware, Charles Floate is a English master of the internet.  He’s responsible for a web marketing company that raked in 7-figures annually, traveled the globe to network, & speak at various internet entrepreneurs events.  Last, the multi-million-dollar valued Backlinks builder also has an autism-spectrum-like, high level of understanding for artificial intelligence. In layman’s terms he understands how computers work to an extreme level.

Watch a quick video below from Floate and his DFY company on how to buy backlinks.  Not only that, the CEO discusses how to properly execute usage of services for the best return on investment.


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