Destiny 2 How To Get And Use The Deepsight Harmonizer

Destiny 2 How To Get And Use The Deepsight Harmonizer:

In Destiny 2, if you want to know how to obtain the Deepsight Harmonizer, we can help. The newest very rare coin in Bungie’s first-person shooter game set in space was a the traveler’s gift for players who want to make weapons of their own but require additional Red Border guns.

Within Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, the Deepsight Harmonizer is a prize for moving up in rank as the season goes on. Let’s talk about how you may acquire a Deepsight Harmonizer to put it on one of your best guns, because that’s what you want to.

Weapon making has been a controversial part of Destiny 2 for a long time, and Bungie just kept its promise to make it easier to get the Deepsight guns you need to use the system.

Deepsight Harmonizers were added in Destiny 2 Season 21 Season of the Deep. Give all Guardians a very limited ability to use Deepsight resonance on any legendary weapon that can be made right now.

This guide tells you how to get Deepsight Harmonizer within Destiny 2 Season 21 and how to use it.

What Does A Deepsight Harmonizer Do?

Destiny 2 has a new type of exotic-grade coin called Deepshight Harmonizer. It is used to turn regular guns into deepsight weapons, or “red borders,” as they are more widely called.

Utilizing the Deepsight Resonance system at the Enclave upon Mars, players may use Red Border guns and level them up over time to make rolls with specific perks.

Even though this won’t make them exotic-tier weapons like the recently released Destiny 2 Centrifuge auto rifle, it is still a very useful way to make legendary weapons that are perfectly polished or weapons that are good for both PvP and PvE.

When masterwork and enhancement cores are used to make small changes to a weapon’s stats, any warlock, titan, or hunter may end up with some very powerful guns.

Even though the making method is definitely more expensive, it is better than hoping that the blacksmith at the tower will sell God Roll weapons for legendary shards as well as glimmer.

To activate the Deepsight Harmonizer, click on the empty new mod spot on any gun, hover over “Deepsight Resonance” or “Deepsight Activation,” and if you’re qualified, you can turn any non-raid guns into Red Border weapons.

If it’s a raid weapon, though, you’ll need to use more prizes of conquering to do this. From there, just take the next step of the pattern as you normally would.

How To Get A Deepsight Harmonizer:

Destiny 2 only has three Deepsight Harmonizers right now, and they are all part of the Season Pass. Deepsight Harmonizers can be gotten for complimentary at rank 57 on the pass, and paid players can get two more at levels 47 and 62.

There will definitely be additional methods to acquire Deepsight Harmonizers either in subsequent seasons or, we can only hope, after Season 21 of The Deep.

Thankfully, it’s much easier to use these limited things than it is to get them. If you can make guns right now, you’ll see a fourth spot to choose one of the squares for mods and infusions.

How To Get Deepsight Harmonizer From A Farm:

In Destiny 2, the Season Pass is the only way to get the Deepsight Harmonizer. The Season of the Deep season pass lets you get six of them at the following ranks.

  • Rank 47
  • Rank 57
  • Rank 62
  • Rank 77
  • Rank 84
  • Rank 93

In a blog post from April 5, “This Week at Bungie,” the company said that the Season Pass would function as the “sole source” of Deepsight Harmonizers over the first few weeks.

Using The Deepsight Harmonizer:

If you possess a Deepsight Harmonizer within your inventory, you may put it on that weapon to give it Deepsight resonance. Then, you can either finish the resonance goal or take apart the weapon. Either way, you’ll get making progress.

Note that employing a harmonizer doesn’t make it possible to get more pattern progress from a Deepsight weapon. No matter what, you get among of the five you’ll need.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need fifteen fruits of victory and the Harmonizer to give a raid weapon Deepsight resonance.

I would only use the Harmonizer on a raid weapon for which you already have four patterns unlocked. This is because it’s not always easy to get a team together for raids, particularly if you are interested in farming for other weapons to the activity.

Deepsight Harmonizer Works Best On These Weapons:

The best weapons for employing your Deepsight Harmonizer on are old weapons that can be crafted but aren’t available anywhere else except from Banshee and Xur.

Also, guns that can only be found in World Drops are a good choice because it’s hard to farm strong rolls for them. In Season of the Deep, these are the tools that you ought to put your Deepsight Harmonizers on.

Piece of Mind
Tears of Contrition


Brigand’s Law
CALUS Mini-Tool
Explosive Personality
Hollow Denial
Judgment of Kelgorath
Tarnished Mettle
Under Your Skin


Bump in the Night
Fire and Forget
Recurrent Impact
Retrofit Escapade


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