We know that all the fans and gamers will be excited to hear that the new story trailer of Destiny 2: Beyond Light is out now. Developer Bungie did manage to release a new story trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light game.

There are so many fans who have been eagerly waiting to get some updates on the upcoming expansion to the well-known shooter role-playing game. 

You must have heard by now just the same as other gamers that Beyond Light will mark up a major turning point for the franchise game series. All the fans and followers have been expecting the game to bring up the previous story content along with ensuring to set up the stage for the upcoming years.

There will surely be an interesting and exciting addition of the new content to the game that will let all the players enjoy the game. The new amazing trailer of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light game will provide the viewers with some glimpses on why players are off to Europa and who’s turn it will be now to come against.

It is sure that all the fans who did watch the new trailer of Destiny 2: Beyond Light will believe that it is indeed a cool one. But you need to know about the game franchise and have some understanding of the story to get an overall idea of what the new trailer is all about.

The trailer describes a power called Stasis along with its roots down in the darkness. You can see that everyone wants to become powerful including Destiny 2: Beyond Light game’s bad Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Eramis can use the power to restore the glory and get revenge on the Traveler for her people. 


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