Denitsa Ikonomova in a relationship with a jury of Dance with the stars!

Denitsa Ikonomova under the spell of a juror of the show Dance with the stars! We give you more details on this new romance.

Cupid invites himself on the dance floor with the stars. Denitsa Ikonomova would be in a relationship with a juror of the famous show! MCE TV tells you more.

Denitsa Ikonomova and couple

This new season of the show Dance with the stars does not unfold like the others. This year’s jury had the opportunity to discover many new talents.

Moreover, this 11th season of the famous TF1 program was marked by the remarkable performances of many candidates. Eh yes. Like that of Bilal Hassani who surprises the public week by week.

On the jury side, Chris Marques was back for this new season. He is also accompanied by the famous French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Dancer Denitsa Ikonomova and dancer François Alu are also part of this shock team.

Moreover these last two seem to live an edition Dancing with the stars quite special. And for good reason, Denitsa Ikonomova succumbed to the charm of the young opera dancer.

Over time, the show’s two jurors have become more and more accomplices. After a few weeks of the start of the program, the two artists have therefore succumbed to the call of love.

Indeed, they decided to give their relationship a chance and are therefore now in a relationship. « From the first prime, we felt that the current was going very well between them ” explains a member of the production to the magazine Here.

“At the end of three weeks, all those who rub shoulders with them behind the scenes understood that they were together” adds the same source. Since, the two dancers are therefore inseparable!

Denitsa Ikonomova in a relationship with a jury of Dance with the stars!

Love at the rendezvous

The TF1 dance show seems to create an atmosphere conducive to love. We now know that Denitsa Ikonomova and François Alu are together. But know that this is not the first couple to form on the dance floor with the stars!

Indeed, we still remember love at first sight between Grégoire Lyonnet and Alizée. The latter was one of the candidates for season 4 of the TF1 show.

The young dancer and the singer were fell in love while filming the dance program. Moreover, the two lovers had kept the secret for weeks. Eh yes. Before formalizing their relationship.

Since then, Grégoire Lyonnet and Alizée sealed their union. Moreover, the two artists are also the happy parents of a little girl named Maggy. The family has indeed grown on November 24, 2019.

7 years ago, Denitsa Ikonomova and Rayane Bensetti met in the show Dancing with the stars. For a long time, rumors said that they were in a relationship. But the two stars have always kept the mystery around their relationship. “We want people to talk about our merits. And our professional career. And not necessarily privacy. We must keep a minimum of mystery. “ she said on Buzz TV.

Finally, Denitsa Ikonomova therefore succumbed to the charm of François Alu. Yes, a relationship revealed in the light of the magazine Here. A new romance which is likely to make people talk a lot. Stay tuned, up close.


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