Denis Brogniart very often reframes candidates from Koh-Lanta!

If some think the opposite, Denis Brogniart says not to let it go. The host of Koh-Lanta wins against the candidates!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 in Koh-Lanta, Clémentine raised the tone against Denis Brogniart. The next day on Instagram, the host then decides to set things straight and thus ensures not to be trodden on. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Clementine gets carried away

The adventurers of Koh-lanta once again offered a colorful episode to fans of the TV show. Definitely, this new edition is full of twists and turns.

As you probably know if you follow the program, Clémence therefore joined Clémentine and Ugo on the island of the banished.

The three candidates then clashed in a mythical event of the show, that of dominoes. And the stake was enormous!

The winners had the opportunity to meet the rest of the group on the occasion of reunification. A moment eagerly awaited by the public.

Despite a good performance, Clémentine therefore bowed facing the other two banished. The latter were thus able to leave the islet, while the third left the adventure …

Known for her strong character, the young woman could not contain her rage. She then emptied her bag, raising her voice in front of Denis Brogniart.

Yes, you did hear! Surprised by this scene, Internet users then reacted en masse on social networks. They blame the host for not having cropped it!

The man at the head of TF1’s flagship show would he be walked on by the candidates ? In any case, that’s the impression he gave this time around.

The next day on Instagram, Denis Brogniart received the last eliminated on a new live. He then took the opportunity to clear things up …

It reframes the adventurers as soon as necessary! However, these scenes do not necessarily appear on the screen. MCE TV tells you more!

Denis Brogniart very often reframes candidates from Koh-Lanta!

Denis Brogniart sets things straight

“When an adventurer talks to me with a bit of anger, I can put it back in its place right away, assures Denis Brogniart during his last live Instagram. But it doesn’t have to be on TV. “

” Rest assured, I play my role« , He then says, specifying that overflows only very rarely happen in the show.

The very famous TV host explains that overall, the candidates are very respectful towards him and the other members of the team.

“What you don’t see on TV, is that at that moment, you are laughing, says Clémentine, evoking his rant. And me, I also laugh because I tell myself that it has not changed. The girl, she answers tit for tat to Denis Brogniart. “

To which the man at the head of Koh-Lanta answers: “But I understand you, there is stress […] You want to return to the adventure and there, you answer me. Corn it made me laugh!«

One thing is then certain, the host and the candidates of this new edition have not finished making people talk about them… We let you discover the famous Instagram live !


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