Defy the traps of disinformation with this free mooc

Disinformation is a very real threat to democracy. A multifaceted phenomenon, this concept is clearly not new, but the Internet and social networks tend to amplify its effects. With the approach of the French presidential election and while attempts at manipulation can come from anywhere, a free mooc is launched from this Monday, November 15 to allow citizens to better navigate.

Learn to verify information

The idea is to teach participants to develop a critical mind, without falling into mistrust. Through this online course, students will be able to better understand the fabrication of information in the digital age. Verification techniques will be taught, particularly with regard to images and videos. The icing on the cake, the students will even be invited to set up their own project to fight against visual disinformation.

This mooc is open to all audiences and does not require special knowledge. According to a press release from the European Commission, it is being produced by Savoir Devenir with the support of the partners of the European Youverify! : Agence France Presse, National University of Distance Education (Spain), National School of Political and Administrative Sciences (Romania).

It is particularly aimed at professionals wishing to set up media education projects. These include: educators, facilitators, teachers, librarians, journalists, and continuing education professionals.

The teaching will be held until December 15 and requires between 1 to 2 hours of work per day. Throughout this mooc, regular meetings are scheduled with the teachers, while discussions between students are also scheduled. A badge will be issued to all participants who complete the course.

To register, nothing could be simpler, just go to the following address.


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