Decorate With Passion How To Complete The Quest And Get The Weapon In Tears Of The Kingdom

Decorate With Passion How To Complete The Quest And Get The Weapon In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Do you want to finish the side quest “Decorate With Passion” within The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom? You can start this side quest at Kara Kara Bazaar within the Gerudo Desert. You will need to find valuable gems to assist a Gerudo please her tutor.

It’s an attractive short quest, but it can be hard to find the materials you need because it’s not always easy to find the right rock. This guide will show you how to finish “Decorate With Passion” within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you need help.

Link can help the people of Hyrule on his trip through The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom by going on many different side quests. Helping people with everyday jobs is one type of quest, while beating tough enemies to get special things is another.

As Link goes on these tasks, he can not only get useful things, but he can also get to know Hyrule and its many strange people better. This can be observed in Tears of the Kingdom.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you don’t have to save Hyrule on every quest. Sometimes, it’s about helping people with small problems to make the world somewhat better.

And a good way to do this is to ask people what’s bothering them. Boraa at Kara Kara Bazaar requires assistance in coming up with ideas for the weapon she plans to make.

Boraa wants us to help her with the Decorate With Passion mission, which requires us to show her a weapon configuration that meets certain conditions. How you do this is up to you, and it’s as open-ended as a job within Tears of the Kingdom would be expected to be.

How To Find As Well As Initiate The Decorate With Passion:

Link can start the side quest “Decorate with Passion” in Tears of the Kingdom by going to the Kara Kara Bazaar, which is in the Gerudo Desert at -3187, -2505, 0023. There are a few Gerudo traders in the market, which is in the middle of a big meadow.

Players have two easy ways to get to Kara Kara Bazaar: quickly travel to the nearby Turakamik Shrine at coordinates -2657, -2237, 0067 to follow the desert road, or glide down from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower at coordinates -2432, -2178, -0307.

At the eastern end of the Oasis, at coordinates -3225, -2518, as well as 0023, Link will find Boraa, an irritated Gerudo who is sitting under cover. Boraa is worried about a request from her master, who wants a weapon with a certain design on it.

How To Create A Weapon That Glitters And Burns With Passion:

When she talks to Boraa, she doesn’t say much about the kind of tool she plans to use as a model. The first is the fact that it must “sparkle,” as well as the second is that it must “radiate a burning passion.”

This limits our choices, but we can’t use any Monster Parts. Within Tears of the Kingdom, we can choose between a few different things for her. We decided that gems and rocks would be the best materials to use to make Boraa’s weapon.

These are often found in the deep caves and tunnels that are all over Hyrule. This makes exploring a satisfying and beneficial pastime in Tears of the Kingdom.

We Have To Choose Amber Or A Diamond Because Boraa Want A Weapon With A Ruby:

Since we have chosen a type of element, we thought it would be best to give Boraa a lot of choices. But when we used amber or a diamond, she wasn’t interested and kept saying that she was searching for a certain item “with a burning passion.”

We soon figured out that Boraa was searching for a weapon with a ruby on it because she has very specific tastes. That’s the answer to this clever word puzzle.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to take a Ruby from your backpack or find one in one of the underground tunnels and put it on a weapon.

Boraa Was Already Carrying A Spear On Her Lap So just We Have To Connect Spear And A Diamond:

Since Boraa was already carrying a spear on her lap, we chose a spear and connected it to a diamond. We then gave the weapon to her to look at. She was thrilled with the choice, which gave her just the right idea for the kind of weapon she would like to create.

Shortly after giving her the idea, Boraa gives her an Electric Keese Wing and tells us to use it to make new weapons in the future. Even though this choice isn’t the strongest, it’s an excellent upgrade to an electric tool we want to use.


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