Decathlon: some products will soon be present in the Franprix!

You can now find Decathlon products in your Franprix stores. Not in all but in 70 of them.

The story begins in 2020 during the first confinement. At that time, Decathlon and Franprix decided to join forces to offer sports equipment in small Parisian supermarkets. And it continues to work!

Decathlon: new products at Franprix?

In 2020, Decathlon decided to sell inexpensive products in the Parisian Franprix. The goal ? Make sport accessible to all during the first lockdown. And since then, this collaboration has continued over time. And even progress!

In 2020, the sports brand marketed only 5 flagship products of the group. Namely: a floor mat, dumbbells, rubber bands, jump ropes and abdominal wheel. All this cost less than 17 euros. And these products were available in 70 Franprix stores.

This partnership between Decathlon and Franprix was a real success. Indeed, all the products flowed without any difficulty. So the two brands want to continue working together. It must be said that in addition to sports products, des habits.

16 stores were then selected to test a real sports corner in their brand. At that time, there were a good hundred products from the sports brand. A real change for Parisians and for Franprix.

For the moment 70 Franprix are therefore selling Decathlon products. And there are many ! Since November, a seasonal offer is also possible. Your supermarkets will sell petanque balls or Molkis, for example.

An offer that is growing in more stores

So, in the years to come, this offer could extend to more Franprix. Decathlon seems very satisfied with this partnership. And it’s not the only one Franprix does. In fact, you can also find Claires’s products in 60 convenience stores!

There is therefore only food left in the stores. Maybe one day we can buy an electric bike in your neighborhood store thanks to this collaboration. For the moment, we are far from it! These are small products.

And everyday products. Like swimming goggles for children or leggings to be successful in exercising at home. There are currently no large sports utensils that can be found at Decathlon like a basketball hoop!

But this progress will please the Parisians. Because if there is a Franprix every 300 meters, it’s not the same shock with the sports brand! It is therefore easier to go to his neighborhood store. This saves a little transport.

Most of the time these Franprix are accessible on foot! A real plus for residents who want a sports accessory. So, if you are interested, you can find the map of stores that sell Decathlon products.

History not to move for nothing! To sum up, it is now possible to find sports products but also those from Claire’s at your Franprix. There are even items from Monoprix! So you can find everything.


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