Decathlon plans to display an eco-score on its clothing in 2023!

Our colleagues from Ouest-France have announced that Decathlon will consider introducing an eco-score on their products in the future.

What if clothes became like food products? This is the question we can ask ourselves. Especially when we learn that Decathlon and other brands are considering putting an eco-scoreon their products. But when will this be implemented?

Clothing to protect against the cold

If this novelty really makes this appearance, you could well find them on woolen jackets, sneakers, or even vests. Because yes, at the sports brand, you can find countless clothes for your sports activities.

For a sporting activity, of course, but also to keep you warm. Indeed, Decathlon proposes for example a woolen jacket which allows you to protect yourself from the cold. Except that, very often, in this kind of case, you can sweat in your jacket.

With this product of the company, it will be impossible. Indeed, Decat’ promises an antiperspirant product. It is currently on sale and it is better to hurry to get your hands on it. Especially when you see the starting price.

Initially available at € 125.99, you can get your hands on it for only 40.45 euros. A case to seize as soon as possible. The same can be said for the new sneakers offered by Decathlon. Sneakers for sportsbut also for everyday wear.

We can also mention the brand’s vest. A perfect product to protect yourself from the cold, like the vest mentioned above. Especially since you will be able to find it at a low price. If you want to know more about this, you just click here.

Now let’s come to the most important. Or rather, what prompted you to click on this article. To know, the arrival of eco-score on products that Decathlon sells. Note that this is not the only brand to plan to implement this system.

Decathlon plans to display an eco-score on its clothing in 2023!
Decathlon plans to display an eco-score on its clothing in 2023!

Decathlon open to eco-score

It was our colleagues from Ouest-France who relayed the information from Le Parisien. So what is it ? For what purpose can this system land? So many questions that you ask yourself and to which we will try to answer.

If Decathlon and the others want to put this system in place, it remains above all to inform its customers. Especially on « the impact of clothing production on the environment« . As Ouest-France notes.

This would be a system quite similar to that used for food products. Namely, a system of notes that range from the letter A and E. When should it arrive? Normally by the end of 2023.

Lacoste, Decathlon, Aigle, Chantelle, Okaïdi, or even Dim Hanes. But also Celio, Bonobo, Tape à l’œil, Pimkie, Jules and Grain de Malice would be concerned. It remains to be seen whether these brands will keep their convictions until the end.

It would be the start-up Glimpact which would develop the famous eco-score. Christophe Girardier, the founder, stating on this subject:« The carbon footprint of a textile product cannot be reduced to greenhouse gas emissions alone. We wanted to take into account fifteen other criteria ».

In fact, the display will take into account:“the use of water resources. But also fossil fuels, agricultural land. Without forgetting the effects of the manufacture of the product on biodiversity ».


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