Decathlon is launching football boots made from 100% recyclable fibers!

Always at the forefront of innovation, Decathlon unveils a revolutionary, futuristic and eco-friendly pair of shoes!

Decathlon innovates. The famous sports store launches an exceptional shoe which will make a lot of noise. Completely recyclable, it is totally in the future. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A stylish look with Decathlon

What to wear this season? Always looking for the trendiest style, fashion fans roam the boutiques in search of the rare piece.

What if it was actually at Decathlon? Eh yes ! We don’t always think about it, but the sign full of outfits which can be included in everyday life.

And even if you’re not a sports fan, a shopping spree at Decathlon is never a waste of time. There, we will indeed find a whole collection of shoes that will fit perfectly into our wardrobe!

We will not hesitate to bet on basic coins. Like t-shirts or even sweatshirts that will follow us in all our actions of daily life.

The people who like to follow trends are spoiled for choice. And because fashion is increasingly combined with the sportswear spirit, these jogging pants are the perfect piece!

This essential with its side bands will be adopted by all fashionistas. We will like to mix this piece with a simple t-shirt or a more primed top to scramble the codes!

We also like at the sign ce legging de running that sculpts the silhouette to perfection. Suitable for sports, it is also a piece of choice in a dressing room worthy of the name.

We can indeed wear it for our everyday activities, by mixing it with a big sweater or a fitted jacket ! All inspirations are allowed in terms of fashion!

Decathlon is launching football boots made from 100% recyclable fibers!
Decathlon is launching football boots made from 100% recyclable fibers!

Decathlon innovates for the future of football

But if it is possible to invent a casual style with Decathlon, let’s not forget that the brand is primarily aimed at athletes. And more particularly this month to footballers.

And it has indeed just innovated a great deal. Under its Kipsta brand, Decathlon is launching a new generation football boot ultra design.

Designed in partnership with the plastics manufacturer Demgy located near Nantes, this shoe brings us directly into the future of football.

Called “Traxium Compressor”, this pair of cleats has an integrated sock and slips on like a boot without laces.

Made from one piece in an alloy of different flexible materials, this shoe is 100% recyclable. Because thermoplatic fibers indeed have this advantage!

Already tested and approved in Ligue 1, this pair will be produced this year between 1,000 and 3,000 copies. If its success is there, Decathlon could consider releasing 15 or 30,000 pairs in 2022.

Beautiful, stylish and above all solid, the Kipsta Traxium Compressor has a ten year warranty. As its manufacture does not require any assembly, the problems associated with the separation between the upper and the sole are thus avoided. Ingenious!

To own this little gem of technology that weighs only 200 grams per foot, plan to invest 90 euros. An amount that we will not have trouble spending on such a beautiful shoe!