Decathlon is causing a stir with its affordable cold vest!

Decathlon is once again creating a sensation with its great cold vest at a low price! A must-have in this period of low temperatures

Decathlon never ceases to surprise its friendly customers. The sports firm continues to cause a stir with its low-cost cold vest! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Decathlon in top trend

Only novelties that are unanimous at Decathlon! The firm is constantly developing innovative products that cause a sensation! We understand better why Forbes includes the sports giant in the ranking of the best companies.

Indeed, know that Decathlonn managed to get 15th place. This is what the Journal du Dimanche revealed. In particular with a study with Eight Advisory and Ifop. There are several criteria…

Among them, daily usefulness, the impact on the French economy, responsibility for the planet, etc. Nearly 3,000 people admit that they can no longer do without Decathlon, whenit’s about having sports equipment.

“It is considered more active in improving the daily lives of the French than the global drug giant Sanofi. More innovative than Airbus. More attractive to work there than L’Oréal”. But then the question arises, what is the reason for such success? », then entrusts the JDD.

But then the question arises, why is Decathlon so successful? The answer lies in the products that the firm markets. All, shave very good quality. And the choice is vast.

Take the example of the fitness department. There is everything to allow you to perform your exercises as it should. For example, there are special outfits, gloves, jump ropes. But also carpets, bicycles, proteins etc…

A vest against the cold at a low price

In this period of low temperatures, Decathlon has put on sale warm outfits, such as this new riding jacket which is very comfortable to wear.

However, this garment has other uses. Many women then use it as a simple vest, because it is very warm. And for good reason ! It is padded, which prevents therefore the cold from penetrating into the back area.

The Decathlon jacket is very practical because it also helps to fight light rain. Impossible to see it penetrate the fabric. However, it is not recommended for moderate or heavy rain because it is not waterproof.

You should also know that this Decathlon vest has two pockets with zip on the outside. There is also one inside that allows you to carry objects of all kinds, such as your phone for example.

This Decathlon product looks very good, thanks to its slightly high collar. We love ! In terms of colors, this model exists in dark or beige. It is therefore in store, from size XS to XXL.

You are therefore spoiled for choice. Let’s talk about the price now! This Decathlon jacket is 34.99 euros. Very affordable to warm up as it should be this winter!


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