Decathlon has a solution to make your sneakers look like new!

Don’t be afraid to jump into puddles with both feet, thanks to Decathlon’s trick for keeping your trainers dry (and super-dry)!

With the rainy weather setting in, you can be hesitant to put on your favorite sneakers. With the mud, they get dirty so quickly… But that will soon be ancient history, because Decathlon has an unstoppable trick to keep them in their original state. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Decathlon: an ally of choice for winter

Whether you want to work out or simply take a walk outside without shivering, Decathlon has everything you need to face the winter cold. Believe us: you will find your happiness there for sure!

Indeed, the giant of low-cost sports equipment knows how to open up to a clientele who prefers lazy walking to strenuous running. Lately, for example, we have been interested in his perfect boots to face the bad weather. And real must this season !

But as you have to cover yourself from head to toe, the brand also offers many winter coats. We had also gathered top 10 models of its rays!

At the same time, Decathlon was no exception to the famous sales trend. In fact, one can notably find his Adidas leggings at a bargain price. A golden affair!

And finally, the famous store has also released a product for women operated on for breast cancer. A very nice initiative.

So what is this new Decathlon accessory, which promises to keep our sneakers like new in all circumstances ? MCE TV tells you more!

A new, ultra-efficient sneaker dryer

When the weather gets bad, we quickly become reluctant to go out to play sports. Indeed, there is nothing worse than water seeping into sneakersand freezes your feet…

But Decathlon may have the solution that will change your mind for good, with its brand new « boot dryer » who dry the shoes in a record time. It could well become your favorite accessory!

The principle is simple. Simply place the object inside your shoe, then allow it to heat up and moisture evaporates. Real child’s play!

And in addition to drying your trainers, this small dryer from Decathlon will also eliminate bad odors that they contain. In short, he really knows how to do everything!

To turn it on or off, you just have to press its switch, which works via a network connection. Moreover, its autonomy is between 5 and 6 hours on average. Enough to allow you to dry several pairs in a row.

In addition, its voltage of between 100 and 240 V allows it to offer very effective drying, which will not leave the slightest drop of water in your sneakers. In fact, it’s so powerful that it will even dry out the textures of your shoes’ exteriors!

And finally hold on tight, because its price may well knock you out of your chair… Indeed, the new trainer dryer from Decathlon is only available at 12,99 € on the shelf! A very good deal that will have to be seized as soon as possible.


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