Deadpool 2: this promising underwater scene was cut in the edit

Released in 2018, Deadpool 2 was set to include a scene where Wade Wilson and his mate were completely submerged in water. But it was finally cut during the editing. Much to the chagrin of the director of underwater photography Ian Seabrook who has just spoken about it.

Deadpool 2

It’s been three years since Deadpool 2 hit theaters, grossing over $ 743 million at the box office. Filming for his sequel is slated to start in 2022. In the meantime, we continue to learn new behind-the-scenes information on the set of Deadpool 2. Interviewed by Looper, Ian Seabrook revealed that a very promising underwater scene was filmed. For the movie. And the director of photography to regret that it had finally gone by the wayside.

The one who worked on the set of Jungle Cruise and Batman v Superman confides that the scene in question was a dream sequence. In the latter, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) moved in their apartment completely submerged in water. The interpreter of the title role has notably managed perfectly. According to Seabrook, this is “Probably the actor with the best breath With which he has never collaborated.

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Deadpool 2: Morena Baccarin had to overcome her phobia to shoot the underwater scene

On the other hand, Baccarin had a hard time filming this aquatic scene, having a great phobia of water. “She trained a lot, but her ability to overcome her fears and perform seemed quite extraordinary to me. I know she expressed quite clearly her disappointment that the scene was not included in the film ”, he emphasizes.

Speaking of which, Seabrook believes the Deadpool performer was not happy with how he looked in the sequence. It’s also possible that the acting didn’t convince the film crew.. “There are a whole bunch of reasons. We don’t really know why they deleted it ”, he concludes, visibly still bitter at having done all this work for nothing. Especially since the underwater scene was not even included in the Blu-Ray box set for Deadpool 2.



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