Dancing with the stars: Théo Fernandez reacts to his elimination!

In Story of his Instagram account, the candidate Théo Fernandez reacted in a funny way to his departure from Dancing with the stars!

This Friday, September 16, TF1 broadcast the 2nd issue of Dancing with the Stars. This time, Theo Fernandez fans were able to. On the other hand, the latter did not last long in the adventure.

Théo Fernandez eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

Last week, TF1 unveiled the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Only six candidates revealed their talent as a dancer on the floor of the show. To his greatest despair, it is

In a 1st time victim of the red buzz of Chris Marques, he did not succeed in convincing during the Face to Face. On social networks, he had still shared a poignant message after his elimination. But that’s not all.

The former judoka also explained that he did not understand at all the choice of the juror of Dancing with the stars. For him, it is an “injustice”. Several of his fans also looked very disappointed with his departure.

This Friday, September 16, fans of the show discovered the show’s six other candidates. For this bonus, they had the joy of finding Théo Fernandez. The latter had already been talked about last week.

And for good reason, questioned by Camille Combal, he had made quite astonishing remarks. In an interview with Télé Loisirs, the Dance with the Stars candidate had then reacted to the many criticismss.

He explained : “We didn’t dance during the first prime. So it was very long for us. We just watched the other performances and stressed. It was terrible and mentally draining”.

Before adding: “So I ended up letting go a little at the end of the show”.

” I enjoyed it

This Friday, Théo Fernandez finally revealed his talents as a dancer. Unfortunately, he failed to convince the Dancing with the Stars jury. With Alizée Bois, they faced the .

They also lost during the Face to Face with Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal. In Story of his Instagram account, Théo Fernandez (Dancing with the stars) reacted with a funny way to its elimination.

Indeed, he said: “I lost a final but I won a hell of an adventure. Seriously, I’ll give you a story at 1,500 points to tell you more about it ».

The Dancing with the Stars candidate continued: “But basically, you already know that I had a blast, that Alizée is great, that the whole DALS team is great and that I had hemorrhoids« .

He also clarified: “I don’t leave frustrated or grumpy. Thank you all ». Facing the cameras, the Tuche actor said: “I didn’t want to spoil Alizée’s choreography”.

Théo Fernandez (Dancing with the Stars) also revealed: “I just didn’t want to panic and have it all stop. Just to have gone to the end of the chorea, I won« .

Alizée Bois, meanwhile, explained: “He comes from a world we don’t know where and he questions himself from start to finish, just before the scene, he was repeating the quick step”.


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