Dancing with the stars: Candidates love one juror in particular!

The candidates of “Dancing with the stars” are unanimous. One juror from the show in particular stands out from the others!

A juror of Dance with the stars stands out this season on the side of the candidates. In effect, the latter would be loved by all. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Chris Marques absent from the next Dancing with the Stars bonus

Difficult to speak of the judges of Dance with the stars not to mention Chris Marques. And for good reason, this triple world salsa champion never missed a prime from the show in twelve seasons.

However, this Friday, September 16, 2022, he will not be in his chair or in front son buzzer rouge. Eh yes, positive for Covid-19, he is forced to leave Dance with the stars.

But do not panic, his chair will not be empty. Chris Marques called on a friend to him for the replacement. A friend who is far from unknown to fans of Dance with the stars.

This is Jean-Marc Généreux. “To replace me on DALS this week, I called my friend Jean Marc Généreux to the rescue. I’ll see you next Friday”he confided.

One thing is certain, this is news that has something to delight fans of the show. But, does it delight the candidates and the dancers of Dance with the stars ?

Indeed, following the first bonus of season 12, one of the judges would be more appreciated by the contestants than the others this season. But which of the four? MCE TV tells you more!

Candidates’ favorite juror

With our colleagues from TV Magazine, the candidates of Dance with the stars expressed their feelings about the judges. As a reminder, this year the jury is made up of Chris Marques, François Alu, Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot.

So, based on their answers, one juror really seems to stand out. And this person is none other than Bilal Hassani, last season’s runner-up.

“I found him very comfortable. He has a fair look”said Clémence Castel. “He tells us off what he went through last year, he has a big brother side”admitted Carla Lazzari.

“We have the feeling that he is the one who will be the nicest. In any case, he will be nicer than Chris Marques whatever happens “explained in turn Florent Peyre.

That said, Marie-Agnès Gillot, was also praised by the candidates of Dance with the stars. “She has a very rigorous look. We feel that she sees the positive things but also a lot of the mistakes we can make.underlined Clémence Castel.

However, she states:“She puts a little more pressure on me than Bilal in his judgment”. Anyway, the two newcomers on the side of the judges seem rather appreciated by the candidates. Which is also the case for François Alu and Chris Marques, of course!


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