Dance with the stars: Lola Dubini harassed and insulted in the street!

In an interview with Maxime Guény, Lola Dubini (Dance with the stars) confided that she had been the victim of insults and harassment!

Next week, fans will check out Lola Dubini’s performance in the Dance with the Stars show. And the least we can say is that they can’t wait to see her on stage. On the other hand, some do not agree.

Lola Dubini (Dancing with the stars) suffers from grossophobic remarks

Last August, Lola Dubini announced her participation in Dancing with the Stars. On Instagram, she confided with great pride: “Some people had spotted the news, but I am so RELIEVED to be able to share this« .

Lola Dubini (Dancing with the stars) also added: “It’s incredible how happy I am to see this challenge arrive. To meet new people. And a little stressed. But, we will get there “.

If her fans can not wait to find her on the show, the haters have been harassing. In an interview with Maxime Guény for his show “Un éclairs de Guény”, the pretty blonde did terrible confidences.

She swung: “Recently I got insulted in the street. Until the police in civilian clothes intervene anyway. I went out. I was told: ‘To dance with the stars, you have to lose weight, nin nin’ ”.

The Dance with the Stars contestant also added: “Grossophobic insults in the streets. You have cops who overheard. And who have them spun 135 fine bales« . But that’s not all.

She continued: “And I was with one of my Miss France girlfriends, who didn’t stop telling them what she was thinking. They took 135 per head because what you need to know “.

Lola Dubini unveils her strengths on stage

Lola Dubini (Dancing with the stars) also gave information about the street harassment. She revealed: “And I did not know it, now there is a law in France against the street harassment and sexism on the street« .

Lola Dubini (Dancing with the stars) said: “So if you come across police officers and are being insulted or harassed, don’t hesitate to call them. So good, some will say that there is moral damage, certainly “.

She nevertheless admitted: “But already 135 balls it makes them think« . A fine fine which delighted the young woman after the grossophobic remarks she suffered. Now, her fans can’t wait to find her on the show.

In an interview with Télé 7 Jours, she also gave information. Regarding her participation, she admitted: ” It is especially the desire to wear sequined bodysuits (laughs) “.

Lola Dubini (Dancing with the stars) continued: ” I am very happy that I was called to participate. The challenge and surpassing oneself interests me a lot ”.

“I saw dance as a discipline that didn’t suit me in relation to my body type. It was while doing the show “Stars à nu”, that I discovered that I was able to dance on a stage« .

Regarding its strengths, she confided: “It is make music and I sing, so I have a certain advantage in terms of rhythm and musicality ”.