Dance with the stars: Elsa Esnoult ultra disappointed with her adventure!

In an interview with Jordan de Luxe, Elsa Esnoult admitted that she had been very disappointed by her appearance in Dancing with the stars!

It’s been some time now that fans of Elsa Esnoult have had the chance to see her in different shows. On the other hand, she does not keep not always a good memory of his passages. She is quite disappointed with Dancing with the Stars.

Elsa Esnoult speaks on Dancing with the Stars

Not long ago, fans of Elsa Esnoult (Dancing with the Stars) were also able to find her in the new M6 show “Les Traitors”. This is a program that has .

In this show, all the loyal had to unmask the Traitors. And finally, Clément Castel and David Douillet had the chance to win this show. And this, to the detriment of Elsa Esnoult who was made

Elsa Esnoult (Dancing with the stars) had also expressed her disappointment. Facing the camera, she confided, in tears: ” I feel betrayed by a force. It is not possible “.

Before adding: “The two in whom I had so much confidence, to whom we promised so many things, in fact they are the traitors. It’s unreal, it’s the most beautiful twist of this adventure “.

One thing is certain, the young woman had a lot of trouble digesting this adventure. And for good reason, she left all her confidence in the Traitors, and this without suspecting for a moment that they were using her.

On the other hand, David Douillet and Clémence Castel (Dancing with the stars) took a big disappointment. At the end of the game, they decided to split the winnings in three with Elsa Esnoult. A beautiful proof of friendship.

If Elsa Esnoult had a rather difficult experience in the Traitors, there is also another reality show that marked her. Indeed, she recently confessed that she keeps

“It was aggressive on the edges”

In an interview with Chez Jordan this Friday, September 23, Elsa Esnoult confided in her coming to Dance with the Stars. To everyone’s surprise, she didn’t not really enjoyed his adventure.

Elsa Esnoult also revealed on Dancing with the stars: “It’s obvious that we work like hell every day. But that’s the premise of the show. There is a jury and it has to break. It’s like that “.

Before adding also: “I came to this show being honest with everyone. I said I couldn’t dance. I am not a dancer. I’ve never done a dance except at home in front of my mirror”.

Elsa Esnoult (Dancing with the stars) nevertheless underlined: “Even though I’ve always liked it”. On the other hand, she did not appreciate the behavior of the jury in the adventure.

The singer also explained: “When you work like crazy and one evening we break you. We give you “2”. You’re like, ‘Damn, be a little nicer to me. At least encourage me!’ ».

Elsa Esnoult (Dancing with the Stars) revealed: “It’s more they broke me rather than encouraged me. At first it was hard. Now honestly I had the audience with me”. There are criticisms that she has not digested.

She also recounted: “You could tell me ‘Go learn to dance’. It was aggressive around the edges”.


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