Cyril Hanouna will receive Eric Zemmour in his new program!

Journalist Sarah Lecoeuvre has just announced that Cyril Hanouna’s first guest for his new show will be Eric Zemmour.

He had announced it several months ago. And within a few weeks, his project will take shape. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna will launch a new program on the occasion of the presidential election. “Facing Baba” will involve several personalities who make the news. And the first will be Eric Zemmour.

A new program for Baba

Because yes, if some still ignored it, politicians will soon fight to gain the presidency. A battle that has already started as evidenced by the many debates and tackles against each other.

This is why we will be entitled to many programs dealing with politics and the presidential election. Besides, Cyril Hanouna wanted to “surf” on this trend by launching a brand new program.

This one will be called “Facing Baba”. And it’s all in the title. Indeed, several personalities will have to face the troublemaker of the PAF. This one, will ask them questions on the news but also and undoubtedly on the program of each one.

Although the facilitator will also receive other personalities. Which are not only related to politics. The TNT channel announcing a few months ago, as noted TV Mag : “The personalities who make the news of the moment will be received”.

And if some were waiting to know the name of the first guest, it has just fallen. You may have discovered it in the title. But if not, maybe we can give you a guess. By letting you know that it was not originally intended for a career in this field.

Eric Zemmour is a journalist, writer or even polemicist. But in recent months, many polls have announced it in a very good place. In case he does show up. And Cyril Hanouna will want to know more on his show.

Cyril Hanouna will receive Eric Zemmour in his new program!
Cyril Hanouna will receive Eric Zemmour in his new program!

Eric Zemmour first guest of Cyril Hanouna

Because yes, it is indeed he who will be the first guest of her new “baby”. In any case, this is what journalist Sarah Lecoeuvre has just announced on her Twitter account. This in fact firstly letting you know:

“Cyril Hanouna is launching his new show on C8“ Face à Baba ”. Before specifying the name of the guest: « with Eric Zemmour as first guest. » Following this announcement, many fans reacted.

Some are delighted with the announcement. And others much less. There is always that the host is currently talking about it on TPMP. In any case, this is what he made clear through his Twitter account, a few minutes after the announcement:

“We are talking about it this evening in TPMP”. It remains to be seen what his columnists and fans will think about it. Because yes, the character makes a lot of talk. And also divides into a tray. Therefore, members of Baba’s team might not agree to discover this first guest.

In any case, everyone knows that this coming will make people talk. Whether we like Eric Zemmour or not, he is undoubtedly the one who is the most talked about at the moment. Cyril Hanouna knows it and wanted to take advantage of it.


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