Cyril Hanouna violently tackles the chronicle of Pierre-Emmanuel Barré!

Cyril Hanouna has again uttered a rant on the set of TPMP! He attacked the chronicle of Pierre-Emmanuel Barré!

Cyril Hanouna is very angry with Pierre-Emmanuel Barré! He did not hesitate to tackle him because he did not appreciate his column at all! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Cyril Hanouna tackles France Télévisions and Radio France

When he learned the amount of the sum of money that the State gave to France Télévisions and Radio France, Cyril Hanouna therefore pushed a big rant on the set of TPMP. “I saw something that made me hallucinate. »

“Do you know how much the State gives to France Télévisions and Radio France per year? How much do they give them? 3 billion 800,000 million. So you can check the numbers. Every year, we donate 4 billion…”

“And that’s sans the pubs because they have the pubs in additions. With 4 billion, we can also buy cars for the police, we can rebuild some hospitals, we can increase teachers. 4 billion euros that we give out of our pocket. »

Cyril Hanouna also got carried away following the speech of the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak. The latter does not have her tongue in her pocket. Baba is therefore very upset: “ I saw the minister who spoke…”

“If France Télévisions was doing its job, we wouldn’t be the ones helping people every day. Squats, students who are bad, high schools who are not well… France Télévisions, they don’t do any of that. »

“Nor Radio France, they only criticize. 4 billion euros, remember this figure, so it drove me crazy all weekend, so I wanted to arrive to talk to you about it”.

The chronicle of Pierre-Emmanuel Barré does not pass

Still on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna therefore addressed the minister: “Madam Minister, let her come here to talk to us because culture is everyone.

Before finishing : “I would like to know his answer on the 4 billion that we give to France Télévisions. I really want to see Fort Boyard, Father Fourras I really want to pay for it. But that they tell me the 4 billion where they are going”.

But that’s not all ! Cyril Hanouna also took advantage of his broadcast to tackle Pierre-Emmanuel Barré. And for good reason ! The latter made a chronicle which annoyed the host of TPMP.

It must be believed that she did not only catch the attention of fans of “C l’hebdo” last Saturday, on France 5. Pierre-Emmanuel Barré therefore described Cyril Hanouna as a “tyrannical” boss.

He also believes that all the chroniclers of the show therefore lend him allegiance. Cyril Hanouna is very angry. He therefore reacted, without saying his name : “I saw all the sores who rose up. »

“So I saw a sketch on France 5 of a nullity of a guy called ‘P’tit con’, he is aptly named… I don’t know what his real name is, he’s a boloss, a jerk, a puppet who made a lame sketch”.

One thing is sure, this little war will not stop there!


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