Cyril Hanouna: the presenter of TPMP in cold with Camille Combal?

In an interview with the JDD, Camille Combal suggested that his relations with Cyril Hanouna had deteriorated.

Are Camille Combal and Cyril Hanouna still as accomplices? This is the question many fans are asking themselves. Especially since rumors suggest that a cold would have settled between them. And this is probably not the last interview with the presenter of DALS which will reassure the fans.

The end of an era

It seems far, however, the departure of Camille Combal from TPMP is not that old. Indeed, it was not until 2018 that he left the show of C8 to go to other horizons. And what horizons. Indeed, the facilitator has come a long way.

After separating from Cyril Hanouna, he became the main animator of Dance with the stars. TF1 trusting him greatly, several important positions saw him entrusted. And especially the headquarters of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Camille Combal replacing the invincible Jean-Pierre Foucault. In short, he was undoubtedly an excellent choice when he left the program that made him known and grew. The latter, notably making it known when he announced his departure:

“I want to test a lot of things. I want to surprise myself, I really want to surprise, I want to have fun ”. The host did not believe in saying so. Who would have imagined such a career in the space of a few years?

Few people but Cyril Hanouna, him, has undoubtedly always believed in it. He who always put it forward and defended it. However, for some time now, relations between the two appear to have deteriorated. Let everyone be reassured, that does not necessarily mean that they are at war.

Despite everything, we have plenty to ask questions. Them who appeared so accomplices when they collaborated, they no longer seem to give each other any news. Camille Combal was talking about this subject a few days ago.

Cyril Hanouna: the presenter of TPMP in cold with Camille Combal?
Cyril Hanouna: the presenter of TPMP in cold with Camille Combal?

Camille Combal in cold with Cyril Hanouna?

They are our colleagues from Objection who were revealing the information. Indeed, the media relayed the comments made by the host from TF1. The latter having confided in the columns of JDD of this Sunday, November 21.

Our colleagues asking if he still had news from Cyril Hanouna. The first does not really answer the question. Since he was content to simply let it be known: « I have the same phone number since I was 17 ”.

In other words, through this sentence, he still has the same number. Because of this, people who have it can still call it. Camille Combal will answer them without worry. A tackle slipped to Cyril Hanouna? Maybe.

Especially since he added a layer by letting it know afterwards: « nobody can say that I am unreachable. All my friends know it ”. It remains to be seen what the main concerned will think.

When we know a minimum of Baba, we suspect that he will follow up on this outing. And if the two still have a good relationship, it is not impossible that he makes a phone call to his former protégé. And this, directly from the set of TPMP.

It is in any case what we all wish. Whether it is the fans or the main stakeholders.


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