Cyril Hanouna reveals in TPMP the controversy around “Miss Esthétique”!

On the set of TPMP, the host Cyril Hanouna returned to a big controversy about the contest “Miss Esthétique”

This Thursday, October 7, a debate animated the plateau of TPMP. A debate concerning Miss Esthétique, the competition aimed at competing with Miss France. Cyril Hanouna, choosing to invite several people for this competition, and several people against, in order to have a debate.

Baba’s homage

But the other important event of the evening concerning the troublemaker of the PAF, undoubtedly remains the death of Etienne Mougeotte. Indeed, the one who was at the head of several major editorial staff during his life left at the age of 81.

By learning the bad news, Cyril Hanouna therefore wanted to pay tribute to him with the rest of his team. The facilitator does in fact first know: “We just heard some bad news. Etienne Mougeotte, the historical patron of TF1 died at the age of 81. “

Before adding:« I never had the chance to work with him but… It was really the benchmark on television. Did you work with him, Valérie? “ Valérie Benaïm, challenged by her “boss” then replied: “He was the one who recruited me. “

The columnist goes on to explain: « He’s the one who made me grow up on TV. It is even he who made my career. I am very very sad. He’s a legend, he made TF1. The heyday of TF1 is him. He knew how to talk to a journalist as well as to a host. “

In short, emotion was on the set of TPMP and it was felt even behind our screen. As the fact that the tension was palpable and that the atmosphere was electric when THE debate was finally launched.

We are of course talking about the one around Miss Esthétique. As we let you know, Cyril Hanouna wanted to talk about this subject which has been causing a stir for several days, for several reasons. Reasons that we will discuss a little below.

Cyril Hanouna reveals in TPMP the controversy around
Cyril Hanouna reveals in TPMP the controversy around “Miss Esthétique”!

Cyril Hanouna evokes the controversy of Miss Aesthetics

Some may not know what it is. This is why our colleagues fromOh My Mag have just given indications on this competition. The media making it known:« This is a new competition. Which will take place next February, which wants to be a competitor of Miss France. “

Before adding: ” For what reasons ? Firstly because there are “no criteria of beauty”, as Jean-Michel Maire says. Candidates may have had cosmetic surgery, may have children, etc. ”. This is why Cyril Hanouna wanted to talk about it on his set.

Gilles Verdez does not agree with this competition and indicated why: “It discriminates against women. It’s a scam, it’s Miss cosmetic surgery. “ Géraldine Maillet, for her part, thinks none the less: “This contest is a masquerade”.

Gilles Verdez did not give up and added again: “You have lots of young women coming to see you. Uniquely to maybe have the 15,000 euros. And so you will transform them. This competition is in the pay of the aesthetic industry. And it is very dangerous ”.

As you will have understood, Cyril Hanouna’s teams seem beautiful and well against this competition. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to prevent it… It remains less certain, but at least the chroniclers will have been able to give their opinion.