Cyril Hanouna ignored by Delphine Wespiser during the holidays!

It’s the holidays for Cyril Hanouna’s team. Which explains why Delphine Wespiser ignores the presenter.

There are quite a few Cyril Hanouna columnists who are finally enjoying their summer. This is the case of Delphine Wespiser who don’t hesitate to cut everything while on holiday. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Cyril Hanouna and his extraordinary personality

It is no longer useful to present it. And for good reason, in the four corners of France, everyone knows Cyril Hanouna. The host of the well-known show on C8, Touche pas à mon poste.

If the program has been a hit for no less than 12 years, the presenter’s personality has something to do with it. Indeed, the 47-year-old man knows how to animate and make his audience laugh.

But, if the presenter is very appreciated by his audience, he is just as much by his columnists and friends. And for good reason, it’s a real teaser that don’t hesitate to give yourself crazy challenges.

Thus, Cyril Hanouna gave himself last July the challenge of beat Florent Manaudou during a padel match. One thing is certain, the presenter is not shy.

And yes because, it is no longer a secret for anyone, everyone knows that the latter is a true padel enthusiast. But, before beating the swimmer, he will have to train during his vacation.

Moreover, while the host is having a good time in the South, the latter no longer has any news from Delphine Wespiser. It is to believe that the columnist is well and truly unaware of her boss. But, in reality, this is not the case. MCE TV tells you more!

Delphine Wespiser ignores her boss while on vacation

Part of Cyril Hanouna’s team is making the most of their summer. Moreover, the presenter is far from being the last to be asked to take advantage of his vacation too.

And yes because, for those who do not know, The presenter decided to go south for a day. Besides, he wouldn’t have left alone.

Indeed, according to some rumours, would benefit from the sun with Kelly Vedovelli and other friends. After all, it wouldn’t be very surprising because TPMP is a bit like a family.

They crepe the bun a few times. But, in general the whole team gets along well. So, going on vacation together their leader does not pose a problem for certain colleagues of Cyril Hanouna.

That said, it is not on the program of its columnist, Delphine Wespiser. And for good reason, this summer, she decided to leave for a few days at his family with his darling Roger.

Thus, the pair take advantage of the good weather in Port Baracarès. To make the most of her stay, the young woman has a trick of her own. And it’s nothing to say!

« I cut my phone for a day whole. I also do it on Sundays during the year. In the summer, I also try to do a social media detox to live in the present moment”, explains the columnist of Cyril Hanouna. A method that seems to work very well.

So, the presenter of TPMP can be reassured, the young woman does not ignore it. She’s just enjoying her summer vacation.


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