CyberGhost VPN Delivers Sparkling End-of-Year Offer

At the moment, VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks in French) are talking about them a lot. These tools ensure the security of your data and your identity on the net, but also hide your geographical position or your history. In these times of online hacking and espionage, this protection is clearly valuable.

Especially since VPNs even manage to unblock web content from around the world, such as websites, streaming platforms or even television channels. The good news is, if you want all of these benefits, you can do so with a great VPN, and at a low price.

Indeed, at the end of the year the great CyberGhost is breaking its prices. Its subscription goes to just € 1.89 per month instead of € 11.99.

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L’application premium CyberGhost VPN

First of all, we’ll explain what CyberGhost will do for you. This software is a high quality VPN, so it will above all provide you with optimal security. To do this, CyberGhost allows you to activate it with just one click through its app, which is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

This will have the effect of encrypting your end-to-end connection, and completely masking your IP address. This gives you complete protection against hackers and malware.

At the same time, nobody can spy on what you do online, not even your employer or your Internet service provider. But CyberGhost VPN’s strengths go beyond your security. This software also allows you to take advantage of a vast network of more than 7,100 servers in 91 countries.

By connecting to these servers, you will be able to thwart all geo-blocks by modifying your virtual location, thanks to a fictitious IP provided by the software. So foreign Netflix catalogs, geo-restricted websites and sporting events from around the world are yours.

In addition, be aware that CyberGhost has some of the best connection speeds on the market. You can therefore enjoy smooth browsing, especially when it comes to streaming or downloading torrents, activities for which the VPN has optimized servers.

A subscription at a broken price, satisfied or refunded

Although CyberGhost is not a free VPN, be aware that it lowers its price impressively to give you access to its premium services at a very low price. For the holiday season, CyberGhost invites you to take advantage of 84% immediate reduction and 3 months offered on its 3-year plan.

This offer therefore extends the total duration of your subscription to 39 months, for an exceptional price of € 73.71, which is equivalent to € 1.89 per month. Usually, you would have to pay more than 460 € to benefit from such a period of protection. This discount will therefore save you more than 390 €, and during the holiday season, you can not refuse.

Note that an account with this provider includes 7 simultaneous connections. In other words, you will be able to install the VPN and use it on all your devices, without spending a dime more.

And if that fails to convince you, know that CyberGhost has got you covered. This VPN has a 45-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the time to test the software with peace of mind. You can thus be reimbursed if you change your mind and wish to discontinue your subscription. Don’t wait for this offer to expire, and subscribe now.

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