Cruella: release date, cast, screenplay, all you need to know about the next Disney film

How did Cruella become the iconic villain of 101 Dalmatians? We’ll finally find out more about it in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie. Actors, plot, release date … We compile all the information about Cruella in this article.

Emma Stone is Cruella
(Credit: Disney)

She is the haunt of white dogs with black polka dots. And for good reason, Cruella d’Enfer aims to have a coat made exclusively from the fur of Dalmatian puppies. Enough to make him an antagonist as diabolical as he is cult in the Disney universe. “Everyone gets the shivers as soon as they see her. Cruel, cruel. It looks like a spider watching its prey », sings Roger in the 1961 cartoon. Lover of fur, therefore, but also of luxury cars, diamonds and tobacco, Cruella is a villain who will never be forgotten.

In addition to cartooning, she has notably made appearances in several live-action films. Like The 101 Dalmatians directed by Stephen Herek (1996) or The 102 Dalmatians by Kevin Lima (2001). This year, it is a film which promises to be thrilling that we will discover in the dark rooms. Soberly titled Cruella, it will be directed by Craig Gillespie and will revisit the character’s youth before his demonic transformation. Here’s everything you need to know about this prequel.

Cruella: what release date?

Cruella was already released in many countries on May 28th. However, it will be necessary to be a little more patient in France since the film is expected in cinemas on June 23. Still, Cruella is also available for purchase on Disney + ($ 29.99). It will become free on the platform as of August 27. However, it should be noted that this does not concern France, the chronology of the media preventing a film from being integrated on such a platform for 36 months.

However, the legislation could change for SVOD platforms. A decree (SMAD) could oblige them to inject money into French creation, including cinema. In return, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others could obtain the right to broadcast a film only a year after its theatrical release. Where applicable, Cruella will be available on Disney + on June 23, 2022.

Cruella : quel casting ?

Cruella d’Enfer will be camped by Emma Stone which we know in particular for his role of Mia Dolan in La La Land or for that of Sam Thomson in Birdman. And according to the first images of the film, she seems perfectly calibrated to don the costume of the antagonist. His challenge? Make sure to be “Brilliant, very mean and a little bit insane”, according to the description that can be heard in the trailer.

In addition, Emma Thompson will play Baroness von Hellman, real fashion designer. A character who will be essential in the transformation of Estella into Cruella d’Enfer. Also in the cast: Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry who will play respectively the criminal brothers Horace and Jasper Badun.

The latter are also well known to fans of the 1961 cartoon. It was in particular them who had the mission to kidnap the puppies. Mark Strong (Boris), Emily Beecham (Anita), Jamie Demetriou (Gerald) and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Tabitha) complete the cast.

Cruella: what intrigue?

We will be immersed in the London of the 70s in the midst of the punk rock revolution. A very talented con artist, notably teaming up with two rogue brothers, Estella is determined to climb the ranks in the fashion industry at all costs. Which is obviously very difficult to access. Until the day when her creations were noticed by the very influential (and very snobbish) Baroness von Hellman.

Except that this budding relationship will spark a series of revelations that will totally tip Estella into darkness. “To the point of giving birth to the ruthless Cruella, a brilliant young woman thirsty for fashion and revenge”, indicates the synopsis. Suffice to say that it promises!

Cruella: the PETA association sounds the alarm

On the sidelines of the release of the film 101 Dalmatians in 1996, many people had decided to adopt a puppy with black polka dots. Before finally abandoning him once he had grown up. As Cruella’s exit draws near, the animal rights association PETA sent a message to Mickey’s firm:

“No one shows the cruelty of butchering animals better than Cruella. But PETA would like Disney to take action to prevent the 1996 101 Dalmatians effect from happening again ”, she warns. At the time, “The shelters had been inundated with dogs presumably abandoned by fans who weren’t prepared for the puppies to grow up. “

Cruella: the trailers

The first trailer for Cruella was unveiled at the end of January Disney. A second trailer, shorter but very punk, was then unveiled on March 15, 2021. Enough to make you wait before the film’s release next May. Look :

Cruella: a sequel already in the cards

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to Cruella is already planned, the success of the film being at the rendezvous. Craig Gillespie (director) and Tony McNamara (screenwriter) are already hard at work to produce this second part.


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