Cruella 2: Emma Stone will not follow Scarlett Johansson in her war against Disney

While it was whispered that Emma Stone was considering taking legal action against Disney, the actress finally found common ground with the firm. She will thus be present in the casting of Cruella 2.

Emma Stone is Cruella
(Credit: Disney)

Cruella the film drew crowds to theaters. According to the latest figures revealed, it has raised more than $ 220 million at the global box office. The feature film on the youth of the famous antagonist has also been offered for purchase on the Disney + platform, like Black Widow. As a reminder, Scarlett Johansson decried this hybrid output, its remuneration being partly linked to the results of the Marvel film at the box office. Believing himself cheated by Disney, the interpreter of the Black Widow had then taken legal action.

Something to think about Emma Stone, the main actress of Cruella who plays the title role. A few weeks ago, we learned that she too was considering filing a lawsuit against Disney. Eventually, Deadline reveals thatan agreement has been reached between the actress and Mickey’s firm regarding her participation in Cruella 2. A sequel that had already been confirmed with director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara again at the helm. And the announcement of the presence – until then uncertain – of Emma Stone indicates that the actress has found common ground with the studio.

Cruella 2: Emma Stone and Disney managed to agree on the terms of the contract

An agreement that should be profitable for both parties in the event of a hybrid release, confirms Patrick Whitesell, executive chairman of the Endeavor agency which manages Stone’s career. “This deal proves that there can be a fair way forward that protects artists and aligns the interests of studios with talent. We are proud to work alongside Emma and Disney and appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize her contributions as a creative partner ”, he congratulates himself in the columns of Deadline.

Directing a sequel to Cruella without the lead actress seemed out of the question. But to the delight of fans, the negotiations between Disney and Emma Stone have borne fruit. Now we have to wait for the announcement of a release date for Cruella 2.



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