Credit card: mistrust, contactless payment scams are on the increase

Convenient, contactless payment is now widespread in France. So much so that malicious individuals take the opportunity to insidiously steal money from you using a payment terminal.

CB scam

After a hard day’s work, you still have to deal with transport. These are crowded, rush hour requires. A real breach for some crooks who will take the opportunity to steal money from you. How? ‘Or’ What ? They will simply put themselves near your pocket or purse (where your bank card is). And to trigger an electronic payment terminal (TPE). This will allow them to withdraw sums if you have activated contactless payment.

The scam was notably reported by the regional daily Free noon. This is particularly practiced by thugs in the Montpellier tramway. In addition, The chained Duck recently cited a gendarme who said that this scam is more and more topical.

Contactless payment fraud: how to prevent it?

We can also assume that the increase to 50 euros in the ceiling for contactless payments makes the scam more attractive. As specified by the French Banking Federation, cited by MoneyVox, however, there has not been an increase in reports related to this fraud recently.

This could be explained by the fact that the crooks steal small amounts (5, 10 euros). Which go unnoticed when the victim consults his account statement. Concretely, the thugs cannot however steal more than 150 euros from you. Or the amount from which the secret code is required by your banking institution when you have made several successive purchases. The code is also requested after five contactless payments made within a short period of time.

To avoid the trap, it is recommended to use an NFC anti-radiation protective case. You can usually get one free of charge from your bank. And if you notice fraud on your account, contact your banking advisor to report it. Your bank will then have to reimburse you for the stolen sums. She will only be able to abstain from doing so if she is able to prove “That you were particularly negligent in the conservation of your banking data”, specifies the Bank of France.



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