How to create WhatsApp group QR code

Whatsapp understands the competition and always try to give something new for their users. Before sometime in an update, it introduces invitation for a group, in this update a user is able to connect with any group by just scanning QR code. A user can also connect using the link but people like QR code.

In the update for 2.16.281 version for Android and 2.16.10 for Ios whatsapp introduce their QR code feature and also many features including bud fixed. It is one of the best and innovative features like by users. Are you exciting for knowing more about it then read the post below.

QR feature for group

Many of you are still not understand the QR code, only for them, I describe it. A QR code or the Barcode is a code consist of arrays black and white. These codes are only readable by machine after scanning. It is an advanced and secure feature. In smartphone we have to read it after using our camera, then it will fetch the data or link required by the user.

Steps to use it

  • Open whatsapp
  • Go to the group or create one then open the group for which you need a QR code
  • Tap on the given three dots on the top right corner
  • Select Group info
  • Tap on the add participants option, contact list appear
  • Choose Invite to a group via link available on the top of the list.
  • Now another screen get open where you have a unique link which is used to connect to your group just by tap
  • Now you have to generate a QR code for your link. You can generate it using any third party application, or if you have an NFC enabled phone, you can easily generate it.
  • Generate your QR code and share with your friends to increase whatsapp group members.

How to connect a group using a QR code

  • Open your smartphone
  • Open camera or QR code scanner
  • Scan the QR code
  • You can see a link, tap the link or tap on the open link
  • Now your link get open, and you will redirected to whatsapp group which you wants to connect

Mostly users use whatsapp as their default instant message app, both for Android and ios it has the greatest connectivity. A QR code or Barcode function is great and extend feature introduce by whatsapp. The feature is a futuristic feature, which most users like. It will surely provide a great impact on whatsapp group.


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