Crazy Pokémon Go bug causes your Pokémon to disappear

Pokémon Go bug now turns Gyms into PokéStops. Not only that, but players’ Pokemon are also getting pilfered due to the bug.

Pokémon Go is a game that in many ways has changed the way gamers have been able to enjoy and play the franchise.

The game brings people out, allows them to catch and collect Pokémon, and essentially become their own local gym leaders.

But, unfortunately not all is rosy in the game of Niantic. Indeed a bug has currently made noise on the networks.

Pokémon Go Baudrive shiny Grodrive shiny

Following this bug, gyms became very risky.

Pokémon Go bug turns Gyms into PokeStops

In a recent post on the Pokémon Go subreddit, scooterdood explains how they had their Monaflemit in a Gym when, suddenly, he was transformed into a PokéStop.

Instead of retrieving the Pokemon as one would expect, a bug in the game appears to have removed their Monaflemit, with apparently no way to retrieve it.

The player shared a brief heartfelt ode to his beloved Monaflemit in the first comment on the thread, writing: “You were a real Monaflèmit; thanks for being my gym buddy. You were a real king ”.

Pokémon Go has certainly had its fair share of bugs before, some less PG than others, but this is the very first time that a widespread issue has caused players to lose their monsters.

And while the owner of Monaflèmit seems to have taken the loss relatively well, imagine if it had been a Shiny at the gym. Or even a Legendary, for that matter.

If this issue becomes widespread, or if the developers post anything about it, we’ll update this page.


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