Covid-19: cases of depression among students are exploding!

Since the covid-19 epidemic, students tend to be much more prone to depression. And this is worrying.

With the covid-19, students are more and more in depression. It must be said that the insulation does not help to feel good. Fortunately, some arrangements have been made to best assist younger and those who feel bad.

Students increasingly depressed

Since the covid-19 pandemic, students have been increasingly depressed. It must be said that there are reasons. For two years now, young people live in a very complex period. They can no longer live normally. And that creates trouble.

In addition, for a long time, the courses were at a distance. And that does not help to get better. Indeed, the three confinements have hurt the morale of the students. Since then, depression has lurked. That’s why the government released shrink checks.

These checks allowed students who did not feel not good to go to consult for free. And that for three sessions. A real help for all those who suffered from the onset of depression due to the covid-19 pandemic.

It must be said that the figures are quite alarming. According to a recent study 37% of students suffer from depressive disorders. Which is quite alarming! And 27% suffer from anxiety. Numbers that keep increasing.

Many wonder about the future. And these uncertainties lead to severe depressions. For example, 13% have already had suicidal thoughts. And these cases of suicide are more and more frequent. This worries psychologists.

Covid-19: cases of depression among students are exploding!
Covid-19: cases of depression among students are exploding!

The consequences of the covid-19 pandemic

Today, suicide is the second cause of death among 15-25 year olds. Experts are increasingly worried, especially since the covid-19 epidemic. Many specialists speak out on the subject and are not optimistic.

« The distress of a large number of students is still very present and much stronger than before the epidemic. Not all have severe mental illness, but all are affected, have trouble ‘working’ properly« .

As a result, last year, the government set up aid for students. They therefore had the right to 3 sessions of 45 minutes to talk about their problems. But in the end, only 14,000 young people benefited from these vouchers.

While the experts estimate around 2.7 million young people suffering from rather fragile mental health. Lots of students didn’t go there. A certain failure therefore for the State. The government then unblocked shrink jobs to help.

Because the number of specialists is limited. And covid-19 has taken a lot of toll on the mental health of young and old. Some do not even dare to consult specialists not feeling “legitimate”.

But never hesitate to consult if you do not feel well. There is no shame in going to see shrinks to talk about our problems. Especially that among the jyoung insulation makes the brain trip. We hope that the coming year will go better.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling down, talk about it around you. It never hurts.


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