Content Creators Will Be Paid By Instagram For The First Time

For almost the first time in its entire history, Instagram will be sharing their revenue with its creators via ads on IGTV. Moreover, viewers will also be able to buy separate badges on their own on Instagram Live as well. It was hinted by the company for almost a year now that advertisements will surely come to IGTV and it’ll mainly be for the long-form content that Instagram will be paying firstly to the content creators. 

Starting next week, it has already been decided that advertisements will start showing up for IGTV for only 200 approved content creators on the platform. Some of the creators include multinational companies such as Puma, Ikea and Mettler moisture analyzer, Sephora along with other creator partners such as Lele Pons and Adam Waheed have also been selected for the pilot program. It has been confirmed by the company, especially Instagram’s COO Justin Osofsky, that the advertisement revenue that will be shared with the content creators will be 55 per cent of the total revenue coming from the ads. The same percentage is also maintained when sharing revenue with Facebook Watch Creators. The main goal is to expand the whole group and thereby bring to creators around the world. 

To start, digital marketing agency and start the advertisements will only start to appear when people will start clicking on IGTV videos from their news feed. The initial rounds of advertisements will be 15 seconds long vertical videos. Furthermore, the team at Instagram will be testing various available experiences with IGTV ads across the entire year with the option to skip ads just like YouTube. The COO of Instagram has confirmed that advertisements will only be shown with those content that is brand-friendly and they should be able to adhere to the monetisation policy of Instagram. Such policies differ from the normal content policies that have been laid out throughout the platform. For instance, if content creators want to swear on the videos being posted on the platform, they can indeed do so. But, if they want the video to be monetised, then there should be no swearing. Therefore, inappropriate content will never be showing ads, in the first place. 

This is the reason why it’s essential to get the overall moderation right, if you want to buy Instagram followers in 2020 and thereby get ads on your IGTV videos. It has been reported that Instagram wants to directly compete with YouTube when it comes to videos and this is the first step that would let them perform the same. And to ensure that such a thing happens, IGTV has to guarantee view counts to its content creators along with encouraging viewers to interact & watch the content as well. However, we will start to know about this once the time progresses because, without viewers, the platform would not be able to survive. 

In the first phase, Instagram is reviewing every video directly through a human reviewer, before the content gets selected for IGTV monetisation. After that, a team of human along with AI will be implemented for the same. 


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