Conjuring Cinematic Universe: In What Order Should You Watch The Horror Saga Movies?

The Conjuring Cinematic Universe has two main series. The first is Conjuring, which is inspired by ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The other, more secondary, focuses on Annabelle, the famous doll. Other independent feature films join the list. With eight films in total, how do you watch them in chronological order?

The Conjuring
The Conjuring

Do you fancy a horrific marathon with connected stories? Conjuring Cinematic Universe might be right for you. The famous saga started 8 years ago, with the first film Conjuring: The Warren Records, released in 2013. In June 2021, the third opus, Conjuring: In the grip of the devil.

The Conjuring universe contains two main series: the first is Conjuring, which is inspired by the real couple of demon hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, and which includes three films. Just like the second, more secondary series, which focuses on Annabelle, the famous doll. Then other independent films come to join the list, like the films The Grandmother. With eight films in total, how do you watch the Conjuring Universe films in chronological order? Here is the list in the correct order!

The Grandmother

The first movie The Grandmother was released in 2018, with a sequel in development. Taking place in 1952, it is thus the very first step in the history of the Conjuring universe. The very frightening nun had been seen in other films of the saga, such as the first Conjuring then Annabelle. In this feature film, she becomes the subject. In the 1950s, an abbey in Romania was the scene of suicide of a nun. The Vatican then sends two people to investigate: a priest with a somewhat obscure past and a young sister. The two heroes will have to face an evil force named Valak, which will shake up the faith they believed to be unshakable.

Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil

Six years after the events recounted in The Grandmother, Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil tells of course the origins of the scary Annabelle doll. The action of the film begins in 1946, where the Mullins, doll makers, lost their baby girl named Annabelle in an accident. It’s twelve years later, in 1958, that we attend the creation of the Annabelle doll, which is therefore inhabited by a demon. The Mullins couple then lodged with them several orphan little girls. Janice, a young girl suffering from polio, meets the doll who begins to torment her, to the point of possessing her, and forcing her to perform atrocious acts …

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Annabelle was released in 2014: it is the first film outside Conjuring, of which it is a prequel. In 1970, in California, John Form gives a porcelain doll to his pregnant wife Mia. One night, they are both attacked by two young Satanists, one of whom is none other than Janice having grown up. Janice and her boyfriend find a way to bring Annabelle doll back to life, in the Form house. A series of paranormal phenomena then begins, causing the young couple and their child to experience a nightmare.

Conjuring: The Warren Records

The very first film in the Conjuring series, directed by James Wan, takes place in 1971. Ed and Lorraine Warren (camped by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are two investigators demon hunters and medium. They go to help the Perron family who are facing the unknown. Roger, Carolyn and their five daughters are indeed witnesses of strange phenomena in the house where they have recently moved. The Warrens then put the home under surveillance and do everything to help them. Lorraine soon discovers that the spirit of a witch, having practiced satanist rituals, remained hanging on the house… The couple is then forced to perform an exorcism on Carolyn, the mother of the family.

Annabelle: House of Evil

1972 : the couple of demonologists Warren placed Annabelle out of harm’s way in their home, locked in a special display case blessed by a priest. Except that the demon that inhabits the doll will be freed by Daniela, friend of the baby-sitter of Judy, the daughter of the Warrens, who are absent. Annabelle then manages to awaken the evil spirits around her, and soon attacks Judy. A night of horror begins for the three heroines.

Released in 2019, Annabelle: House of Evil is the third film centered on the famous porcelain doll. In the chronology of the saga, it is about the direct sequel to the film Annabelle from 2014.

The Curse of the White Lady

The Curse of the White Lady is a separate opus in the Conjuring universe. Released in 2019, he recounts events that took place in 1973. We find characters already met, like Father Perez, present in Annabelle. Anna is a social worker who is raising her two children on her own. After a drama witnessed by Anna, they are soon persecuted by a specter, who happens to be the White Lady, tormented spirit stuck between heaven and hell. Centuries ago, the latter had drowned her offspring: since then, she attacks children, seeking to replace her own …

Conjuring 2: The Enfield case

In Conjuring 2, the Warren couple goes to England, in the suburbs of London, to help the Hodgsons. Peggy and her four children are terrorized by a demon, which has managed to take possession of 12-year-old Janet. After believing that the entity was Bill Witkins, the former owner of the house, Lorraine realizes that another far more disturbing spirit resides in Janet. This demon will end up attacking Ed: Lorraine will have to overcome the pitfalls sown by the evil spirit to save her husband. Only one solution: find the name of the demon and pronounce it. Connoisseurs will be able to see the character of the nun appearing several times …

Conjuring: In the grip of the devil

Conjuring: In the grip of the devil is the third and final film in the Conjuring series. Directed by Michael Chaves, who had previously taken care of The Curse of the White Lady, this opus will be released in June 2021, after a first release date in 2020 postponed due to a health crisis.

On 1981, the Warren couple, still active, will find themselves confronted with the unknown. A young man, accused of murder, will plead demonic possession during his trial. Ed and Warren are going to have to fight to protect the soul of a little boy and solve the mystery on a family that would have been cursed.

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