Comics, manga, comics: the best apps for reading on smartphones and tablets

With the advent of tablets and phablets, digital comics are increasingly popular. And for good reason, nothing like being able to access all of his favorite manga and comics directly on his screen. Wondering which platform to direct you to? We have selected for you the best reading applications currently available in France.

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DC and Marvel comics, manga of all kinds, Franco-Belgian comics … The rustle of comic pages that turn is obviously beyond measure. At a time when everything is dematerialized, comic book aficionados are still very attached to their albums. Which often take pride of place in their home. And bubble buffs are constantly looking for new albums to complete their collection.

That being said, it is now possible to read your favorite comics on tablet or smartphone. Reading platforms have indeed emerged in recent years. They thus allow very quick access to all the collections that make you want. But also to discover new graphic stories in which you would not have thought to immerse yourself.

Best of all, these apps are great when you’re on the go. And for good reason, they allow you to devour your comics without having to store all your albums in your backpack. As you will have understood, it is not a question of putting your precious comics in the dustbin, nor of stopping hanging out at your favorite bookseller. But opting for a digital platform is an interesting alternative, especially when you are on the go. Here are the notable reading apps available on iOS and Android.

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Comic book, manga and comic book reading apps: editorial selection

He took it out

He took it out

Launched in 2010, Izneo is a platform full of 40,000 comics, manga, webtoons and comics. You can subscribe to benefit from a selection of streaming stories at will. Or create your own digital collection by purchasing the titles of your choice. The platform offers several reading formats, from single to double page, including box by box. Significantly, the downloaded titles are synchronized with your account so that they are accessible even without an Internet connection.

The Izneo Pass costs 10 euros per month. This basic offer gives access to 8000 comics, webtoons, comics and manga in an unlimited way and on three screens simultaneously. Note that the first ten days are free.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel unlimited

Marvel fans will inevitably be seduced by Marvel Unlimited. If they are able to read in the language of Shakespeare. This very extensive platform embeds more than 28,000 comics. Suffice to say that there is plenty to do, especially as titles are added each week to the catalog. Subscribers get unlimited access to all comics right from their app.

The opportunity to dive back into the oldest comics but also into more recent stories. And for good reason, new numbers are integrated three months after their release in bookstores, indicates the platform. The monthly subscription costs $ 9 per month. It is possible to try the application for seven days without obligation.



Owned by Amazon, ComiXology offers a very large selection of more than 75,000 digital comics, including comics, graphic novels and major manga. Glénat, Marvel, DC Comics, Ankama, Delcourt… Many publishers are present in the catalog. From a practical point of view, we particularly appreciate its guided view technology which allows you to juggle smoothly between the boxes.

Besides the titles in the original version, there is a good selection of albums in French in the catalog, which is obviously a very good point. Moreover, it is possible to buy each album separately on the platform or to afford the entire collection. On the other hand, the application would benefit from being updated, the users complaining of bugs and slowness. We also regret that the unlimited subscription is not yet valid in our regions.



Sequencity is also a great alternative for bubble aficionados like you. The catalog is made up of 30,000 comics, manga and other comics. And the classics are not lacking, from Asterix to Largo Winch via Lucky Luke. On the manga side, we find in particular the essential albums One Piece and Dragon Ball. The platform of the E.Leclerc group also gives pride of place to comics, like Spider-Man and Batman.

In terms of price, the comics offered are up to 50% less expensive than their paper version. What’s more, there is a subscription called Preums which allows you to preview certain comics, for three euros per month.

Comics and manga: upcoming applications

As part of Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe Infinite also offers a myriad of comics of its own. The platform includes many vintage editions but also more contemporary titles (six months after their release in bookstores). All for $ 7.99 per month or $ 75 per year. However, this service is only available in the United States. Good news, he should land soon in France. In the meantime, those in a hurry can use a VPN to benefit from it now.

In addition, we are awaiting the arrival of the final version of The one that presents itself as the Netflix of the manga is for the moment still in beta phase. The subscription is 6.90 per month. It will drop to 8.90 euros per month when the final version is available. As for the application, it is still under development at the time of this writing.


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