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Clamping of AirDrop in China: Tim Cook turns a deaf ear

The case begins to turn sour. For a few days, AirDrop is clamped in Chine : the function of receiving messages/documents/others from any type of user is limited to 10 minutes, which “stifles” the transmission of information and video/audio documents at the very time when the demonstrations are multiplying in the country. Even if Apple has planned to deploy this AirDrop update in the rest of the world (iOS 16.1.1), the fact that this restriction is now limited to China obviously raises questions.

Asked by a Fox News reporter about this, Tim Cook was more than evasive, even refusing to answer these sensitive questions:

Fox News reporter: Do you support the Chinese people’s right to protest? ”

Tim Cook: no response.
“Do you regret restricting access to AirDrop that protesters used to evade Chinese government surveillance? »

Tim Cook: no response.
“Do you think it is problematic to do business with the Chinese Communist Party when it suppresses human rights? »
Tim Cook: no response.

The rather confusing silence of Tim Cook could imply that the clamping of AirDrop is a direct request from the Chinese government, and that the CO of Apple is “required” not to publicly address the subject. This is something to upset…


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