CIG (Star Citizen) invests heavily in a 1,000-person studio

Worst scam in history

Even though the latest CitizenCon slightly disappointed fans with very meager information on Star Citizen’s never-ending development, Cloud Imperium Games continues to invest heavily in the development of its online space simulation. While the studio already employed more than 600 people at the end of 2019 all over the world, Eurogamer reports the opening new premises in Manchester, and not the little ones: we talk recruiting more than 1000 people.

With this new building acquired within Enterprise City, CIG hopes to have doubled the size of its workforce in 2023, while the 1000 positions to be filled should have found takers from 2026. The project is far from trivial, to the point of having attracted the attention of the Mayor of Manchester:

Greater Manchester is an ambitious tech hub and has become a magnet for digital talent, with a community of industry pioneers, specialist academics and creative minds. We look forward to welcoming Cloud Imperium Games to the city-region in 2022 – with the aim of creating 1,000 jobs over the next five years, as well as the opportunity for the region to play a new role in the future of the world. Game.

For the man at the head of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, Chris Roberts, the choice of Manchester is also symbolic, since it is in the British city that the creator of the Wing Commander franchise grew up and started his career in video games:

Manchester is where I started my video game career, when I was hired to write BBC Micro User Game of the Month in 1983 at the age of 14. It makes me very happy to announce that we have signed a long term agreement for our largest office to date in Manchester city center.

This new studio will, among other things, give a helping hand to an important CIG team already present in Manchester, Foundry 42, led by Erin Roberts and dedicated to the development of Squadron 42, the solo campaign of Star Citizen.

Sure, open and maintain such a studio costs a monster dough, but the Star Citizen project has never been so well, with more than 3 million players and a participatory prize pool that is close to $ 400 million. And that’s without counting two external fundraisers, of which the studio has still not justified the second.

Although development has started to take shape since its announcement in 2012 (yes, already), the work still seems a long way from being done. Essential game mechanics are still missing and only the first planetary system, Stanton, is complete. Likewise, Squadron 42 did not give sign of life since 2019.

It is assumed that this new studio will contribute to stuffing Star Citizen with content, once all the necessary tools and mechanics for the proper functioning of the space MMO will be developed and available to developers.


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