Chrome 94: Google deploys NextGen technologies for gaming

In the beta version of Chrome 94, Google incorporated several next-generation technologies. In the future, these could allow developers to design much more polished games that will launch within the browser. Explanations.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google is constantly looking to improve its flagship browser. In particular, an update with a new JavaScript compiler made Chrome 91 23% faster. This time, it is at the level of gaming that the Mountain View firm wants to put its mark. By announcing the arrival of Chrome Beta 94, she detailed the deployment of new technologies calibrated to improve gaming experiences. These could greatly improve browser-based video games in the future.

Starting with the programming interface (API) WebCodecs. This is designed so that developers can better oversee video and audio encoding and decoding codecs. This will include making these manipulations less greedy in resources. The API will also drastically lower latency while improving support for client side transcoding. WebCodecs has in any case completed its experimental phase in Chrome 93. It is now available by default.

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Chrome 94: an API to enhance game graphics

Second, you will also have to rely on the API WebGPU. Which allows developers to have better access to the graphics power of the computer by connecting directly to its native graphics API. In other words, developers will be able to interact more directly with the graphics card using a language that it understands. They will no longer have to go through other layers that may make the process slower.

WebGPU could thus make it easier for them to create games with shiny graphics. Games that will run in the browser using the full power of the GPU. Note, however, that the API is just beginning its testing phase in Chrome 94. It could thus be fully deployed in Chrome 99.

In short, these two new technologies are likely to save developers precious time in managing video streams. Enough to leave them more room to improve other aspects of web games.



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