Christopher Nolan divorces Warner and finds new stable

As was expected, Christopher Nolan has chosen a new studio for his next film on the atomic bomb. What to record his divorce from the Warner. As a reminder, the studio’s hybrid release strategy had strongly irritated the filmmaker.

Christopher Nolan wants to adapt his films into video games

Christopher Nolan is far from being a fan of SVOD platforms like Netflix. So much so that he had a very bad experience with the Warner Bros. strategy born during the pandemic. As a reminder, the studio had decided to release its films in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. Enough to provoke the ire of the filmmaker who had not hesitated to knock down the Warner at the end of last year.

“Some of the greatest directors and celebrities in our industry went to bed the night before thinking they worked for the most amazing film studio and woke up to find they worked for the worst service. streaming “, had lamented Nolan in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter.

Nolan to direct film about scientist behind atomic bomb

Thus, after a long idyll punctuated in particular by the remarkable releases of The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk or even Tenet, the director bows out. Obviously, he has not finished with the seventh art since he is working on a new film evoking the Second World War. Which will tell the story of scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer who is none other than the “father of the atomic bomb ».

And the filmmaker has already found the right fit, as revealed by the Hollywood Reporter. In this case, he chose Universal. MGM, Sony and of course the Warner were also in the running. But Nolan ultimately opted for Universal Pictures. However, it is not yet known whether the two parties will work on several projects in the future. Or if it is a fleeting collaboration.

Anyway, the filming of the film on J. Robert Oppenheimer could start at the beginning of 2022. We should not therefore expect a release in theaters before 2023. Finally, note that Cillian Murphy (28 Days later, The Dark Knight, Sunshine, Inception) is said to be in advanced talks to play the lead role.


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