Christmas 2022: what’s the best smoked salmon to buy for the holidays?

Christmas 2022 is fast approaching. In fact, we have to prepare the meals for December 24 and 25, in particular by buying the smoked salmon. But where ?

This is a problem that occurs every year. Are we going to buy smoked salmon for the holiday season? If yes, where? And above all, at what cost? Good news, we are going to reveal to you which is the best smoked salmon you will need to buy for Christmas 2022. Which should allow you to avoid wasting your money on products that are not worth it.

Celebrate this day differently

Unfortunately, if in the majority of cases we spend this celebration with the family, others are not so lucky. Fortunately, there are many organizations to welcome single people on this day of sharing.

Large brands even offer customers, who do not have the means to celebrate Christmas 2022 as it should, to help them. How ? Just take the example of McDonald’s. Certainly, you will not find smoked salmon at fast food.

On the other hand, you will find a lot of love there. In particular with the very nice gesture that the firm is about to make. Namely, to win free meals for life for Christmas. For this, you need to get the McGold card when placing an order.

But as you can imagine, you have to live across the Atlantic to take advantage of it. This is not valid in France… On the other hand, you could well benefit from the famous Christmas 2022 socks. We’re talking about those ‘X-Mas Socks’ who will return.

You will have the choice between 4 pairs and you will only have to add one euro to your maxi Best-Of menu to be entitled to them. Since they are in limited edition, it is better to rush to get your hands on them and not miss them!

Which would be very unfortunate. In the worst case, you will always have something to treat yourself with something else. It’s still Christmas. In other words, a party where anything is possible and everything is granted to you, within reason.

Christmas 2022: what's the best smoked salmon to buy for the holidays?
Christmas 2022: what’s the best smoked salmon to buy for the holidays?

Which smoked salmon for Christmas 2022?

Speaking of reasonable, is this the case when buying smoked salmon for that special day? Precisely, 60 million consumers have just given the answer. Since the media recently made a classification of salmon according to their price and their brand.

A study relayed by our colleagues from CNEWS. Note all the same, that to choose your smoked salmon for Christmas 2022. Several criteria were taken into account by the editorial staff Indeed, our colleagues have screened nearly twenty references.

Whether in terms of taste, appearance, or even texture. All the salmon were studied. In order to offer a classification that comes closest to the truth. According to our colleagues, an observation can be made immediately.

« It is better to choose more expensive products« . Is it possible to read in the article. As for caviar at Lidl, smoked salmon remains an expensive product. But you still have to pay the price.

So if you want the best product for Christmas 2022, you’ll have to go to Super U. « The U Saveurs smoked salmon raised in Scotland” (€4.2/80 g) rises to the top of the rankings. With a rating of 18/20″. Let’s learn from our colleagues.

They then add:“It is followed by “Bio village Marque Repère (E.Leclerc)” (€3.33/65 g) with 18/20 as well. Finally in third place is “Labeyrie Smoked Salmon Le Norway” (€6.27/140 g) with 17/20”.


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