China: a city devoured by a huge sandstorm (video)

The images are impressive and send shivers down your spine. In just five minutes, a gigantic wave of sand engulfed the Chinese city of Dunhuang last Sunday.

Sandstorm in China

It is a real wall of sand that stood in front of the city of Dunhuang on Sunday July 25. Located in the province of Gansu (north-west of China), the city was assaulted by a large-scale sandstorm from the Gobi desert located not far from there. Reportedly, the sandstorm suddenly hit the city. Which was carpeted with sand in just five minutes.

“At first I was surrounded by yellow dust from the sandstorm, and then it turned red and then finally black”, says a resident, quoted by the local media Jimu News. The sand wall is estimated to have reached at least the 100 meters high. In some areas, visibility was severely reduced beyond five meters.

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China is often hit by sandstorms

Such disasters happen frequently in China. Like last April when a sandstorm hit Gansu province once again. Enough to cause heavy pollution but also road accidents, visibility being obviously very limited. In Dunhuang this Sunday, the police ordered the stranded motorists to no longer use the expressway, the time that the storm passes.

For information, sandstorms often strike China due to its proximity to the Gobi Desert but also to deforestation. In an attempt to limit disasters, the regions adjacent to the desert have thus been gradually reforested for several years. The objective is to create a kind of dam that does not let the sand through. As for Dunhuang, it was once a border garrison located on the Silk Road. It is now famous for its Mogao complex made up of 492 caves adorned with Buddhist statues and frescoes.


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