Child Hood Trauma can affect your adult life as well

Child Hood Trauma can affect your adult life as well
Child Hood Trauma can affect your adult life as well

If your childhood was traumatized then set back to the possibility that your future can be too! According to the psychologists kids who had faced trauma while they were in their toddlerhood or teenage might be facing some difficulties now as well.

A history of the childhood trauma can affect the mental health of the adults, but something that is less recognized even by the doctors is the link to the physical health. We never might have thought but the childhood trauma can result into rising the risk of every possibility of cancer, heart disease and even diabetes.

According to a recent study those who have had a traumatized youth have quite a lesser expectancy of about 20 years then the people who didn’t.

According to the veterans the doctors have to now even start including about asking the people about their childhood experiences to gauge more about their health difficulties and possibilities.

According to a survey which is been conducted on the Canadians about 1/3 rd of the people have suffered traumatic experiences when they were kids or in their youth age.

According to the psychiatrist Dr Robert Maunder, “it actually goes beyond abuse and neglect to other kinds of adversity that these kids experience”.

This even might be continued if you have had a parent who faced this issue, he might be addicted to something or might be secretly suffering to mental illness or even might have witnessed to the violence in the family.

This ongoing effect of child trauma on a adult is described as “double whammy” by Dr Robert.

This can be so dangerous that it can even put one of those people to be ill and if the person becomes so ill then he can lose the will to live.

For this study Dr Robert has given a classic example of a woman who is suffering through the Crohn’s disease who refused a colonoscopy needed to develop her own treatment plan, and a doctor who knows the type of child hood history that she has been through which is sexual abuse would definitely know what type of test would trigger her.

And the doctor will also be able to suggest the type of test or alternative test that she would require. The doctors who are not aware about her childhood might not be able to know more about her problem and difficulty that she is facing currently.

The relationship between a doctor and patient then becomes poisoned according to Dr Robert.

Any doctor has to make a point to know more about the childhood memories and experiences of their patients for in depth study of their problems, many a times the maximum problem a person is facing is due to their childhood and this is the reason why they cannot come out of it.

Dr Robert even explained in this study that how his hospital treats the patients who are on frequent visits to the emergency rooms well this is something that is not really explainable but he believes that people who fall sick often and are on frequent visits to the emergency rooms do require this special attention where doctors try to know more about the persons youth and teenage.

According to Dr Howard Ovens people who had chaotic previous lives and traumatic childhood memories have faced a lot of difficulties growing up and keep up appointments or even maintaining any sort of relationships.

And for such people the emergency rooms are open all day long, and these patients are given special treatment in the emergency room by the psychiatrists team linked to the child hood trauma.

They help them understand give those more of relationship advices and are building comprehensive care plan for all the health care staff to use. The new care model which is for the welfare of such people not only helps the patients to get rid of their childhood traumatic effects but also helps the practitioners to take better control of the situation.

Even the head doctors like the Dr Howard Oven supports the staff that are unable to deal with such patients and are facing some of the really upsetting problem.

The surprising part is even many of the staff members are going through a lot of this problem and they have found it very this study.Now there have been difficult times that we are unable to detect because of the

Now there have been difficult times that we are unable to detect because of the patients incomplete information and there are people who are not even comfortable to talk everything about their traumatic memories as even while speaking about it they haunt them, however to know the root cause and even treat their disease better or even know more about what alternative tests are better for them the doctors have to know every detail about their past life.

These experiences of your childhood grow in you and there are chances that you even shape your personality according to it, many of the adults who even have children are not yet out of their own childhood memories. They cannot erase it cannot memorize and cannot even get rid of it.

If you come across some people who have been through this one has to immediately ask them to report to a doctor for their betterment as chances are that they might face either diabetes, cancer or even a heart disease because of their past.

This can happen to people who are even more healthy and fit then the others, this huge and important the childhood memories are for an individual as his growing years affect his whole life and one cannot simply risk that!


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