Cheaper gaming items? Mission accepted!

Do you want more? Take advantage of it

Wondering how you could become an outstanding gamer? Join the most gamer-friendly community – the Eneba Marketplace – where you can meet gamers who share the same vision as you: to improve gaming efficiency, profitability and sustainability!

What is C2C?

If you have never heard of the C2C model, it is time for you to familiarize yourself with this term which will change your life!

  • C2C (customer to customer). If you no longer use some of your electronic devices such as laptops, tablets or game consoles, and you don’t know what to do with them, don’t overlook the possibility of selling them to another user! Maybe someone is looking for the best price for an item you already own. And vice versa ! If you’re looking for a new game console or laptop, C2C marketplaces like Eneba (designed exclusively for gamers) can help you find the best options efficiently.
  • Reduce your expenses. Almost all of us want the same thing: a good quality product at the lowest possible price. If you’re a gamer, you know that video games can get expensive. This is why the Eneba Marketplace focuses on purchasing efficiency. With the C2C model, you can reduce certain expenses like middleman fees, which you usually pay when buying in-store. Are you looking for new gaming equipment or, for example, a PlayStation 5 cheaper than in stores? It’s possible ! Although most of the products found here are second-hand, that does not mean that the quality of the products must be damaged in some way.
  • Reduce pollution. Did you know that video games can be sustainable? See it for yourself! Limit production and transport waste by opting for digital goods instead of physical goods. Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary waste, as you can get video games, gift cards and subscriptions instantly by choosing Eneba’s digital solutions. Also, remember that your devices and accessories can be reused, and you can also do this by buying from other customers.

Your ultimate guide to buying on Eneba

Let’s take a closer look at what one of the fastest growing game marketplaces has to offer:

Have you ever doubted your choice of gifts? If your friend is attracted to video games, surprise him with a gift card. Explore a wide range of gaming-focused gift cards, from PSN, Steam, Xbox and Fortnite V-Bucks to Google Play.

  • Gadgets. One of the most popular product categories is electronics, which not only includes game consoles (don’t forget to check out great deals on them, maybe you’ll be interested in a used Nintendo Switch, a used PS4 or a used Xbox Series X) but also phones and laptops. So even if you are an ordinary employee or a student, you might also find something handy!
  • Accessories. Need a new controller or a pair of headphones? No problem, Eneba has what you need! Go for the latest, cheapest and most exciting accessories that add an extra spice to your gaming routine.
  • Join for a fixed term or extend your membership through various subscriptions. Get the hottest deals from PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Ultimate Pass, and receive discounts, free games, online multiplayer, voice chat, and in-game items with just one payment.
  • Video games. Buy different video games digitally, or find entire collections of video games that other sellers offer online! Check out the latest trending video games, or search for old games you couldn’t get out of your head.
  • A multitude of choices! There are no limits or borders. Find the most authentic, vintage and old-school products, from PS1 to PS4 Slim, from Halo: Combat Evolved to Uncharted 4, from Gran Turismo 1997 to its seventh sequel.

Never miss the opportunity to renew your gaming experience and save money! At Eneba you have many opportunities to make smart investments by getting new products.


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