Cheap mobile plan: comparison of Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free offers for less than 10 euros

Which offer to choose in the category of cheap mobile plans from the main operators? We have scoured the different catalogs to offer you a comparison of low-cost mobile plans from Orange, Bouygues / B & You, SFR / RED, Free Mobile and more.

Cheap package less than 10 euros

There are now a multitude of different packages. Substantial data envelope, 5G, calls abroad… Some are quite expensive and will suit users with very specific expectations. Other people, however, have lower requirements and do not want to pay thousands and cents for their mobile subscription. For those, we offer this comparison of best cheap mobile plans under 10 euros with the main operators.

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Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues: the best packages under 10 euros

Between 5 and 10 €, operators regularly launch offers that allow you to subscribe to a comfortable package. These offers are constantly changing and are available most of the time for a few days or weeks. This article will be updated regularly. However, by clicking on the offers below, you will always have access to the latest offers if they exist in this price bracket.

Free 80 GB plan without commitment: € 9.99

Free offers you a very competitively priced package that could largely suit you. In addition to a fairly large data envelope, this offer has the advantage of offering you unlimited calls both in France and in other European countries. Important note, this non-binding package turns into a 5G package at the end of the first year. In doing so, it will increase by 10 euros and increase to 19.99 euros per month. Here are the main services you will benefit from when you subscribe:

  • 80 GB data envelope in mainland France (4G / 4G + then 150 GB in 5G after one year)
  • Data envelope of 8 GB per month in Europe and the overseas departments
  • Unlimited calls to mainland France, overseas France (except Mayotte) and Europe
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS in mainland France, Europe and the French overseas departments and territories
  • Price: 9.99 euros then 19.99 euros per month after the first year
  • FreeWifi in mainland France

RED by SFR 5 GB package without commitment: € 4.99

Having a big dose of mobile internet doesn’t have to be helpful. Especially for people who use Wi-Fi most of the time. The latter could well be seduced by this SFR / RED offer which costs, beware, only 5 euros per month. Here’s what you’ll get for that price:

  • Enveloppe data 4G/4G+ de 5 Go
  • Additional 6 GB data envelope abroad in Europe and in the overseas departments
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France (mainland and overseas departments) and in Europe
  • Price: 5 euros.

Forfait B&You 5 Go à 4,99 €

Another alternative, this package signed B & You also has interesting arguments. It costs only five euros per month and you can unsubscribe at any time free of charge.

  • 5GB 4G data envelope
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France
  • Price: 4.99 euros per month.

Prixtel 40 to 60 GB plan: from € 4.99 for the first year

Without commitment, this package signed Prixtel has the particularity of being scalable. If you consume less than 40 GB of mobile data per month, you will only have to pay 4.99 euros per month (9.99 the second year). If you use 40 to 50 GB of data envelope, it will cost you 7.99 per month (12.99 euros the second year). Finally, the price of your plan will climb to 9.99 euros per month (14.99 euros the second year) if you consume between 50 and 60 GB of data.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to the European Union and the French overseas departments and territories
  • Data envelope from 40 to 60 GB in 4G / 4G + SFR
  • Data envelope of 10 GB per month in the EU and overseas departments
  • Price: 4.99 euros per month then 9.99 euros per month after one year.

La Poste Mobile 30 GB plan without commitment at € 9.99

Finally, we suggest this very advantageous package. We particularly appreciate its aggressive price of 9.99 euros per month which remains the same even after a year of subscription. Concretely, it will allow you to benefit from a good data envelope of 30 GB but also to call without restriction in France and in Europe.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, overseas departments and Europe
  • Enveloppe data de 30 Go en 4G/4G+
  • 10 GB data envelope in Europe and overseas departments
  • Price: 9.99 euros per month

Micro mobile plans under 5 €

At this price, do not expect a comfortable data envelope excluding promotions. In this price bracket, some operators offer 100 MB of data in 4G / 4G +. At Free Mobile, the offer is only 50 MB. You also benefit from 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS / MMS.

Sosh package at € 4.99: 100 MB and 2 hours of calls without commitment

This no-obligation plan includes 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS and 100 MB of data in 4G / 4G +. In the event that the package is exceeded, you are billed € 0.05 for each MB consumed, except for the blocked package that we recommend (Internet cut off beyond 100 MB). The entire package is accessible when traveling in Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and the French overseas departments.

La Poste Mobile plan at € 4.99: 100 MB and 2 hours of calls without commitment

This La Poste Mobile package also offers 2 hours of calling and unlimited SMS / MMS, as well as 100 MB of data on the SFR network. Beyond that, you are billed 0.05 € for each megabyte unless you choose the blocked plan which costs him € 7.99 per month. The package can also be used from the Europe and DOM / COM Zones to these same zones. Finally, for the operator’s box customers, this package is free for the first year and goes to € 2 per month.

Free Mobile plan € 4.99: 50 MB and 2 hours of calls without commitment

At Free Mobile, the package of € 4.99 gives you the right to 50 MB of data in 4G +, 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS / MMS from Europe & DOM. For Freebox subscribers, this package is free.

We hope that this comparison has enabled you to find an offer adapted to your needs. If you are also interested in this, do not hesitate to consult our file dedicated to the various 5G packages offered by the various operators.


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