Charging your electric car in 10 minutes is possible with this terminal

In addition to autonomy, another aspect particularly scrutinized by motorists who are thinking of switching to the electric side of the car soon, concerns recharging. Indeed, in addition to the presence of a nearby charging station, each motorist wishes to be able to take advantage of a recharge “fast“, which will prevent him from staying very long minutes at the nearest station. The Chinese group Geely has just developed a new technology, which should delight fans of flash charging.

A full charge in just ten minutes!

Indeed, via its subsidiary VREMT, Geely has developed an electric charging station capable of delivering a power of 600 kW. For comparison, the Ionity network currently caps out at a power of 350 kW. The new charging station developed by Geely could thus be of interest to many motorists, with the possibility of recovering approximately 300 km of autonomy in just… 5 minutes.

The firm Geely is no stranger to the fast charging market, since the latter already offers a network of chargers whose power peaks at 350 kW. Note that Tesla should soon deploy a new range of Superchargers, which would also cap at 350 kW, against 250 kW currently. Geely would also like to point out that its new generation of 600 kW stations is already in production, and that it is not just a prototype.

Obviously, as is the case for our smartphones, it is essential to have a vehicle compatible with this type of ultra-fast charging. This type of vehicle should arrive in the course of 2023, in particular via the Chinese group Zeekr, which will be based on a platform signed… Geely. Vehicles that could therefore fill up with energy in just ten minutes.

Remember that in the months / years to come, many Chinese automotive giants will invest in the European market. This is particularly the case of BYD, currently present in Norway, and which ranks as the world number 3 on the electric car market. The manufacturer will notably be present at the Paris Motor Show to be held next month.


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