Cécilia Hornus (Plus belle la vie) still very close to her ex?

Cécilia Hornus, the interpreter of Blanche in Plus belle la vie is still very close to her ex-husband Azize Kabouche, a director.

From time to time, fiction overtakes reality. And the couples in the series se find themselves together in real life. This is what happened to Cécilia Hornus, actress in Plus belle la vie. We tell you a little more about its history and its relationship.

More beautiful life: when fiction becomes reality

Indeed, in 2004, at the beginning of Plus belle la vie, Cécilia Hornus and Thierry Ragueneau were chosen to play Mr and Mrs Marci in the series. Happy parents with two children. And that’s where it all started. And no one could have predicted it.

Between them, everything goes very quickly. They become close and then lovers rather quickly. But they will still wait until 2017 to finally get married after several years of happiness. And this patience has paid off. Because the lovebirds are always together.

And form a beautiful blended family. Everything is going for the best for them. But before this beautiful love story, Cécilia Hornus had another man. She was in a relationship with director Azize Kabouche. And this man is the father of her two children.

So, despite the time that passes, the ex couple remains rather close and seems to get along well! Some couples tear up after a breakup. But this is not the case with the interpreter of Blanche in Plus belle la vie. She has a great relationship with her ex.

Yesterday, the actress posted a photo with Azize Kabouche on her Instagram account. Quite simply because it was his birthday! A small gesture that must have made the director happy. In any case, their relationship is going for the best from what we see.

Cécilia Hornus still close to her ex

It must be said that both have so remade their life for a while. There is therefore no longer any tension between them. All that connects them is their two children. And all the friends of Plus belle la vie de Cécilia Hornus liked the photo!

It must be said that the actors of the soap opera are all very close. We saw the actress a few days ago alongside Fabienne Carat and Elodie Varlet for a birthday! Even if Fabienne Carat is no longer in Plus belle la vie, the young women continue to see each other.

It is therefore clear here that Plus belle la vie is first and foremost a big family. So not surprising to see the photo of Cécilia Hornus loved by all the actors. We don’t know the actressea spent the day with her ex-husband. But anyway, she had a thought for him.

Moreover, the director responded to this publication by writing: “Thank you! In the meantime, the actress is enjoying the last summer moments with her daughter Emma. She posted a photo with her in Marseille during a walk. Apparently, the mother is close to her children.

But back to school is approaching for everyone. So we need to enjoy the last moments with the family before starting again! We wish him good luck.