Cdiscount loses the north. It halves the price of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE (-48%)

Among the essential offers of these French Days of the new school year, we can mention the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE which falls at the incredible price of 309 euros. How is this possible for this Android tablet originally sold for 599 euros. Initially, its price drops to 469 euros thanks to an immediate reduction of 130 euros. Then you have to use the code 50DES499 to bring down its price to 419 euros.

Usually, this code is functional only for products from 499 euros. In this specific case, it works with the Tab S7 which is displayed at 469 euros. We have tried it ourselves and confirm that it is well taken into account. Error or oversight on the part of Cdiscount? Either way, it’s best to take advantage of it while there’s still time.

Tab S7 FE

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Finally, once your purchase has been made and your Galaxy Tab S7 FE has been received, you can claim an ODR of 100 euros from Samsung. To take advantage of this, you must compile your file by following the instructions in the offer form. If the latter complies with all the conditions, then you will receive your reimbursement of 100 euros by bank transfer within 3 weeks from the date of validation of your file by Samsung.

I take advantage of the offer

In the end, we get the Galaxy Tab S7 FE at 319 euros. If you are lucky enough to be a CDAV member, you can even have it for less than 10 euros less, at 309 euros, with the code 60DES499CDAV. A bargain given the technical characteristics, features and value for money offered by this Android tablet. Don’t wait too long, because even if the French Days last until next Monday evening, the promo codes are limited in number and can disappear at any time.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE: why fall for this tablet?

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE uses the ingredients that made the success of the standard variant. Thus, it is equipped with a TFT screen with a diagonal of 12.4 inches of definition 2560 x 1600 pixels. It provides optimal comfort of use and makes it possible to exploit the capacities of the tablet to the maximum. Offering a compact form factor, the grip of the tablet is excellent.

For the software part, it is the Android 11 mobile operating system that the in finds. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is said to receive the update to Android 12. Note that it is the 64 GB Wi-Fi model which is the subject of this promotion here at Cdiscount. Those who want to use it with the 4G or 5G mobile network can do so through the mobile Hotspot function of your smartphone or cellular tablet. Or turn directly to the 5G variant of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

Very enduring, autonomy is another strong point of this Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The tablet indeed offers a fiery autonomy capable of reaching 13 hours in video playback thanks in particular to the presence of a large capacity battery of 10,090 mAh. Cherry on the cake, the latter is also compatible with 45W fast charging. In short, only a few minutes of recharging are enough to regain hours of autonomy.

As well suited for multimedia as for productivity, this Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes with its S-Pen, practical for taking notes, drawing sketches, etc. Under the hood, we find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, a memory RAM of 4 GB as well as 64 GB of internal memory. Note also that it is possible to increase it thanks to the dedicated micro SD slot.

With such a configuration, you can use this Galaxy Tab S7 FE for any type of use. Whether it’s to browse the internet or social networks, watch streaming videos or indulge in gaming sessions. This rather muscular config will also allow you to perform several tasks at the same time, without feeling any slowdown or lag whatsoever.

Finally, the audio part is not left out since this Android tablet has two Dolby Atmos compatible speakers from AKG for an immersive sound experience, which puts you wherever you are at the center of the action. As you will have understood, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE generally meets the needs of 99% of users. It is at the unbeatable price of 319 euros with the code 50DES499 during the French Days on the Cdiscount side.

To take advantage of this good plan on the Galaxy S7 FE it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer


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