CD Projekt Red finally feels ready to tackle Cyberpunk 2077 DLC

The future is also knowing how to move forward

CD Projekt Red announces wanting to hold a stream tonight at 6 p.m. (French time) to discuss of the first Cyberpunk 2077 DLCs and changes made by update 1.3. Indeed, customer service futuristic RPG is still not finished and the Polish studio continues to make improvements active player feedback.

The studio does a lot to present the slightest functionality modified (to wonder if this is not counterproductive in terms of communication), but via a fake immersive article and short dedicated videos, CD Projekt Red absolutely wanted to let you know that you will no longer have to to visit a charcudoc for reset your skill points to zero, that you will be less likely to have a bad surprise during the Automatic Love main mission and that your GPS will finally tell you when to turn… on time. It will not have taken that 8 months…

Sure, other changes should be included in patch 1.3, but we will have to wait for its full deployment to discover them.

So CD Projekt Red is set to tackle the future of Cyberpunk 2077 again in a new stream tonight. Communications in recent months have focused on functional updates, but this time the Polish studio would finally be ready to discuss of the first DLCs of the game.

Will it be a question of presenting free minor content updates, or to tease the expansions of Cyberpunk 2077 which should compete with those of The Witcher 3? We assume that as long as the next-gen RPG update long promised will not be announced, CD Projekt Red will avoid talking about it.

Last May, Game Industry revealed that the extension management was changing hands, now under the supervision of Gabriel Amatangelo, a BioWare veteran who worked on the DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

8 months after the game was released which may have disappointed some (especially on consoles), one wonders if the redemption vis-à-vis Cyberpunk 2077’s failed launch well worth all these pains. However, the title rocketed to the top of PlayStation Store sales when it returned last June, showing that the public remains curious from the latest game from the makers of The Witcher.


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