cats love the antenna much to the chagrin of customers

It all started with an annoyed tweet from one of Starlink’s clients, SpaceX’s satellite internet access. A photo that shows four cats huddled together on a Starlink satellite dish in the middle of the snow can be seen with this comment: “Starlink works well until the cats understand that the dish heats up slightly as soon as the temperature drops”.

Starlink antennas can function without problem down to a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius. For this, the antenna has a heating system designed to melt snow and ice. This is activated automatically according to the outside temperature. Normally, when the user is using the internet, the dish is always tilted a little, which prevents cats and other small mammals from congregating on it.

The Starlink antenna heats up slightly in winter, to melt snow and ice …

However, when the connection is inactive, the antenna returns to a perfectly horizontal position. Thus becoming the best cat basket that felines could dream of on freezing winter days. Cats aren’t the only ones who like the antenna. In fact, those who install it on the ground or on their roof are sometimes left with some disappointments with cats, but also other animals.

As a user quoted by Futurism showed with a thermal imager, the entire antenna, including the rear, emits heat. What also attracts other small animals under the antenna, although this probably has less of an impact than a cluster of cats lying on top.

Besides the felines, some customers are worried about the consequences of this winter heating… on the antenna’s propensity to collect guano. Some are worried that the birds will discover the heating aspect of the antenna and choose to rest by perching on the edge. And don’t do their business on the air from time to time.

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The accumulation of dirt threatens to reduce the performance of the connection to the constellation of satellites. But to date, it should be noted that performance is still uneven while SpaceX further improves its constellation of satellites. Are you a Starlink subscriber? Have you noticed any problems on your antenna linked to animals attracted to its heat? Share your feedback in the comments.


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